I am an elderly person, and I feel like dying because I am so dependent

Q: I am an elderly person, and I feel like dying because I am so dependent.

Guruji: Life is such; you should not feel that I am dependent, and I want to be independent. See, no baby has been independent. As a baby, parents took care of you, and in your old age, your children or someone else will take care of you. So, life in the beginning, and in the end, is dependency. In between, we think we are independent but there also we are dependent on many things.
If your attention is on divinity, then you will not feel the burden of dependency, or the frustration to have independence, both will disappear. People who feel that they want to have independence, they are also frustrated. This is because wanting independence is a frustration. Come on, wake up. When you were a baby, were you not dependent? No baby thinks ‘I want to go back from where I came because I am dependent on my parents’, no! Whether in the form of parents, or as children, or as friends, the help you get from anywhere is coming from only one source, i.e., the divinity. It is only the divine who took care of you as your parents, and it is only the divine who will take care of you as your nurse, or neighbour, or friends, or anybody else. Someone will always come and take care of you, you don’t have to worry at all. This whole sense of insecurity that we build in us should simply be thrown out and burned down. Don’t think your children will take care of you. Maybe during your last breath, your servant or neighbour may come and help you, who knows? Whoever is helping you, it is not that individual that is helping you, it is God helping you in that form. Leave it to the divine energy to help you when you are in need, in whatever form. So you don’t need to feel obliged or burdened by anybody’s help. Got it? This is a big problem. We feel burdened by somebody’s help. You don’t need to feel burdened by it; that is ignorance. It is only the divine who is helping you through other people. If you have this understanding, the Advaita knowledge, then nothing can restrict your blossoming.
Q: Is it possible to embrace death without getting bed ridden in old age. If yes, how?

Guruji: Yes. Good habits, taking care of your health, meditation, yoga, all this.
Sit still in your inner space, unmindful of any conflict, any thought or emotion. If they come, let them come and go, and when you think, “I don’t care about how I feel”, then that will give you the strength.

Om Namah Shivay

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Attitude Is Everything

“There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying about the things which are beyond the power of our will.” –Epictetus
I can’t overstate the importance of being able to maintain a positive attitude but I’m the first one to admit…it’s not easy.

Wait to Worry

I used to worry. A lot. The more I fretted, the more proficient I became at it. Anxiety begets anxiety. I even worried that I worried too much! Ulcers might develop. My health could fail. My finances could deplete to pay the hospital bills.

A comedian once said, “I tried to drown my worries with gin, but my worries are equipped with flotation devices.” While not a drinker, I certainly could identify! My worries could swim, jump and pole vault!

To get some perspective, I visited a well known, Dallas businessman, Fred Smith. Fred listened as I poured out my concerns and then said, “You need to learn to wait to worry.”

As the words sank in, I asked Fred if he ever spent time fretting.  To my surprise, he confessed that in years gone by he had been a top-notch worrier!

“I decided that I would wait to worry!” he explained. “I decided that I’d wait until I actually had a reason to worry—something that was happening, not just something that might happen—before I worried.”

“When I’m tempted to get alarmed,” he confided, “I tell myself, ‘Fred, you’ve got to wait to worry! Until you know differently, don’t worry.’ And I don’t. Waiting to worry helps me develop the habit of not worrying and that helps me not be tempted to worry.”

Fred possessed a quick mind and a gift for gab. As such, he became a captivating public speaker. “I frequently ask audiences what they were worried about this time last year. I get a lot of laughs,” he said, “because most people can’t remember. Then I ask if they have a current worry—you see nods from everybody. Then I remind them that the average worrier is 92% inefficient—only 8% of what we worry about ever comes true.”

Charles Spurgeon said it best. “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength.”

Most of us want to be positive. It’s advantageous to possess a sunny outlook. Doors open to optimists. They make friends, earn respect, close sales, produce loyal clients, and others enjoy and want to be like them. The question is how can we do that consistently?

Om Namah Shivay

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नागेन्द्रहराय त्रिलोचनाय

षड़क्षर मंत्र “ऊँ नमः शिवाय” में छहों अंगों सहित संपूर्ण वेद और शास्त्र विद्यमान हैं, अतः उसके समान दूसरा कोई मंत्र कहीं नहीं है. सात करोड़ महामंत्रों और अनेकानेक उपमंत्रों से यह षड़क्षर मंत्र उसी प्रकार भिन्न है, जैसे वृत्ति से सूत्र. जितने शिवज्ञान हैं और जो-जो विद्यास्थान हैं, वे सब षड़क्षर मंत्र रूपी सूत्र के संक्षिप्त भाष्य हैं.

नागेन्द्रहराय त्रिलोचनाय
भास्मंगारागाय महेश्वराय
नित्याय शुद्धाय दिगम्बराय
तस्मै ‘न’ काराय नमः शिवाय॥

मन्दाकिनी सलिल चंदन चर्चिताय
नंदिश्वाराय प्रमथानाथ महेश्वराय
मंदारापुष्प बहुपुष्प सुपुजिताय
तस्मै ‘म’ काराय नमः शिवाय॥

शिवाय गौरी वादानाब्जवृन्द
सूर्याय दक्षाध्वार नशाकाय
श्रीनिलाकंठाय वृषभध्वजाय
तस्मै ‘शि’ काराय नमः शिवाय॥

वसिष्ठ कुम्भोद्भव गौतामार्य
मुनीन्द्र देवार्चिता शेखाराय
चन्द्रार्कवैश्वनारा लोचनाय
तस्मै ‘व’ काराय नमः शिवाय॥

यक्षस्वरुपाय जटाधाराय
पिनाकहस्ताय सनातनाय
दिव्याय देवाय दिगम्बराय
तस्मै ‘य’ काराय नमः शिवाय॥

आप सभी शिव भक्तो को महाशिवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ व बधाई
आप सभी का मंगलमय हो।

Om Namah Shivay

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Why do some people look unhappy?

Life can be unfair. When trying to forget someone, avoid any intellectual analysis like why it happened to you or how could they do this to you etc.. If you start to dissect, you will only sink in deeper.  Any cogitation will only depress you more, it will drag you back to the field of memories — and that’s exactly what we want to avoid here. Trust me on this one. Simply take your mind off.

Both love and hate fetter you. You cannot forget anyone by continuing to love or hate them. If you want to forget them, you must become indifferent towards them. You become indifferent when you rise above the duality of love and hatred. Both love and hate touch our heart, whatever touches our heart leaves an imprint on our mind. It is those imprints that make up our memory store. It is for this reason that Vedic and other spiritual texts preach one to remain even. Being even is a step higher than being indifferent. Because being even is being indifferent with compassion, with empathy.


Q: Why do some people look unhappy?

Guruji: Have you read my tweet about happiness? When you look at somebody`s face, if they don’t look happy, it is because there is a thorn of desire in their heart. Your sadness is because of the thorn of desire in your heart. If you don`t take notice of it, it will turn into sarcasm, cynicism, frustration, and anger. You need to pull it out and throw it, then you will feel uplifted and happy.

These are the four stages:
Frustration, and
Many times we don`t notice why we are sarcastic, or cynical, or frustrated and angry. Why does this happen? It is because of this thorn of desire.
If you are angry, either you have hurt yourself or you have hurt others. If you get angry at others, you become sad and if you are angry at yourself, then also you become sad. In either case you become sad.
Many a times people don`t notice this at all. Even if one notices this, he doesn`t have the courage or willingness to remove it and throw it. If you manage to pull it out, you will find joy, enthusiasm, and contentment, and this is a siddhi (special ability).
This requires both self-effort and grace. You need to put some self- effort and then grace follows.

Om Namah Shivay

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Story of Nandikeshwara Teertha

Shiv Puraan –
Chapter 14- Story of Nandikeshwara Teertha

A tirtha is a place of pilgrimage. At a tirtha named Nandikeshvara, there is a famous Shiva linga. In a city named Karnaki there used to live a brahmana. He left his two sons with his wife and went to visit the city of Varanasi. It was then learnt that the brahmana had died in Varanasi. His widow brought up her sons and eventually married them off. She became old and it was time for her to die.

But death would not come. It seemed to the sons that their mother was hankering after something and would not die until her wish had been satisfied.

Mother, they asked, What is it that you want?

I have always wanted to visit the tirtha of Varanasi, the mother replied. But now I am going to die without ever visitng the place. Promise me that when I am dead, you will take my ashes to Varanasi and throw them into the river Ganga there.

We will, said the sons. You can die in peace.

The mother died and the sons performed her funeral ceremony. Then the eldest son, Suvadi, set out for Varanasi with his mother’s ashes. The way was long and he stopped to rest and spend the night in a brahmana’s house.

A cow was tied in front of the house and it was time for milking. Suvati saw that when the brahmana tried to milk the cow, the calf would not permit the milking and kicked the brahmana. The brahmana then hit the calf with a stick. The brahmana went away after the milking. But Suvadi was still there and and he heard the cow tell her calf, I am distressed that the brahmana struck you. Tomorow I am going to gore the brahmana’s son to death.

Next day, the brahmana’s son came to do the milking. The cow gored him with horns so that he died. But this meant that the cow had committed the sin of killing a brahmana. Immediately, because of the sin, the white cow turned completely black.

The cow left the house. Suvadi followed, amazed at this strange sight. The cow went to the banks of the river Narmada, to the place named Nandikeshvara. She bathed in the river and became white once again. This meant that the sin of killing a brahmana had been completely washed away. Suvadi marvelled at this and realized what a powerful tirtha Nandikeshvara was.

He was about to leave for Varansi after bathing in the river himself, when he was accosted by a beautiful woman.

Where are you going, Suvadi? asked the woman. Throw your mother’s ashes in the river here. This is a far greater tirtha than Varanasi.

Who are you? asked Survadi.

I am the river Gangaa, came the reply.

The woman vanished and Suvadi did as he had been bidden. As soon as he had done this, his dead mother appeared in the sky and told him that she was immensely gratified. She would now go straight to heaven.

Nandikeshvara is a wonderful tirtha because a brahmana woman named Rishika had earlier performed very difficult tapasya there to please Shiva.

Om Namah Shivay

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What is Karma?

Q: What is Karma?

Guruji: Many kinds of feelings arise within us. All these feelings propel or cause some action. So that feeling is also called Karma, and the (resultant) action is also called Karma. For example, when a desire to create arises from within you, then that desire or feeling is also Karma. The action has already begun. The moment there arises a desire in your mind, say, to build a new building, then that’s it – the work or the action has happened. It is called Sukshma Karma (action or karma at the subtle level). And then there is the Sthula Karma(action at the gross or material level), i.e., actually building . You all have heard this so many times that one must remain detached and dispassionate while doing Karma. What does it mean? It means that definitely you must act, but do not attach yourself to it, and get stuck to it because whatever impression gets imprinted on the mind becomes Karma (that one must go through).

Do you know what is the nature of Consciousness that gets distracted in different directions? Such a person always thinks of getting something or the other; something from here, or something from there and so on. This is a sign of lack and feeling like a beggar.
With whatever desires or state of mind you leave your present physical body, the same (desires or state of mind) determine the kind of physical body and state of mind you attain to in the next birth. That is why Lord Krishna says, “Always keep remembering Me”
“We have to stand up for what we believe in, even when we might not be popular for it. Honesty starts with being ourselves, authentic and true to who we are and what we believe in, and that may not always be popular, but it will always let you follow your dreams and your heart.”


Pick an issue that you believe in, and share your thoughts with a friend.

Om Namah Shivay

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राम स्तुति

भगवान राम का नाम लेने मात्र से ही जन्म-जन्मांतर के पाप धुल जाते हैं। भगवान राम को प्रसन्न करने के लिए कई स्तुतियां, मंत्र, आरती आदि की रचना की गई है। इनके माध्यम से श्रीराम को आसानी से प्रसन्न किया जा सकता है। ऐसी ही एक स्तुति का वर्णन रामचरितमानस के अरण्यकाण्ड में आया है। भगवान राम की यह स्तुति मुनि अत्रि द्वारा की गई है। इस स्तुति का पाठ करने से भगवान राम भक्त पर प्रसन्न होते हैं तथा उसकी हर मनोकामना पूरी करते हैं। यह राम स्तुति इस प्रकार है-

राम स्तुति
नमामि भक्त वत्सलं । कृपालु शील कोमलं ॥
भजामि ते पदांबुजं । अकामिनां स्वधामदं ॥
निकाम श्याम सुंदरं । भवाम्बुनाथ मंदरं ॥
प्रफुल्ल कंज लोचनं । मदादि दोष मोचनं ॥
प्रलंब बाहु विक्रमं । प्रभोऽप्रमेय वैभवं ॥
निषंग चाप सायकं । धरं त्रिलोक नायकं ॥
दिनेश वंश मंडनं । महेश चाप खंडनं ॥
मुनींद्र संत रंजनं । सुरारि वृंद भंजनं ॥
मनोज वैरि वंदितं । अजादि देव सेवितं ॥
विशुद्ध बोध विग्रहं । समस्त दूषणापहं ॥
नमामि इंदिरा पतिं । सुखाकरं सतां गतिं ॥
भजे सशक्ति सानुजं । शची पतिं प्रियानुजं ॥
त्वदंघ्रि मूल ये नरा: । भजंति हीन मत्सरा ॥
पतंति नो भवार्णवे । वितर्क वीचि संकुले ॥
विविक्त वासिन: सदा । भजंति मुक्तये मुदा ॥
निरस्य इंद्रियादिकं । प्रयांति ते गतिं स्वकं ॥
तमेकमभ्दुतं प्रभुं । निरीहमीश्वरं विभुं ॥
जगद्गुरुं च शाश्वतं । तुरीयमेव केवलं ॥
भजामि भाव वल्लभं । कुयोगिनां सुदुर्लभं ॥
स्वभक्त कल्प पादपं । समं सुसेव्यमन्वहं ॥
अनूप रूप भूपतिं । नतोऽहमुर्विजा पतिं ॥
प्रसीद मे नमामि ते । पदाब्ज भक्ति देहि मे ॥
पठंति ये स्तवं इदं । नरादरेण ते पदं ॥
व्रजंति नात्र संशयं । त्वदीय भक्ति संयुता ॥

Om Namah Shivay

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