Guru Mandala

Guru Mandala refers to the several circles (that you have to cross) before you reach the centre. It refers to the many attractions, many temptations, many repulsions and all that which makes you stronger. If you pass all that, you come to the center where you become really strong. Though you are in knowledge, many things come along which pull you in different directions and that is called Guru Mandala.

You know, small things can put you off. Someone comes to do a meditation course and the room is not okay, or the food is not okay for them. If you think that the food is not good and so I am not going to meditate, then you have missed the purpose of coming. Every day, anyway, you are eating. At home you may be used to eating pancakes, but if not having pancakes takes the front seat and you miss out on your meditation, then you are stuck in Guru Mandala.

Similarly, you came for the purpose of meditation and you got stuck in conflict or you are upset with someone, then you have moved away from the goal, and you are caught up in the periphery. This is Guru Mandala.
In life, your aim is to achieve the highest knowledge, but in the process you get stuck with small insignificant things which distract you. These are the aspects of Guru Mandala.
Q: How can we make our kids spiritually strong?

Guruji: Kids are naturally spiritual. Just keep them away from bad habits like smoking, drinking, and from violent activities and violent games, etc. If you do this, then they will naturally be spiritual.
Fools create conflicts in oneself and others. An intelligent person knows how to resolve conflicts in oneself and in the surrounding.
Q: Which are the qualities that yoga can help you develop in order to become a more responsible person towards yourself and others?

Guruji: Yoga can definitely make you more responsible, because it creates more energy and enthusiasm in you.

To the degree that you are awake, everything around you brings knowledge. If you are not awake, even the most precious knowledge does not make any sense.

Om Namah Shivay

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Managing Conflicts

Tell me, where is there no conflict, except in meditation? Why have you been given intelligence? Nature has given you intelligence, and your intelligence has a job to do. If you have no intelligence, then there is no conflict.

So, if you are given intelligence, then it is for your intellect to resolve the conflict. Just let it function. You simply have to let your brain function. It is the brain that has created the conflict, and I tell you, it can resolve it too.

If you say, ‘No, I cannot resolve the conflict’, then get into one of the four categories of people who come to me. If you feel so miserable, surrender, then you will get the help.
Q: I want to know if I bless another person does their negativity pass on to me? If so then what is the solution.

Guruji : No, don’t worry. Just say Jai Gurudev and that’s it.
When the sun is rising just gaze at the rising sun. At that moment, there is a shift in the universe from night to day, and in that shift the mind also easily shifts from the mundane to something ethereal, to something beyond.
Q: I have never practiced yoga, but I have always been impressed by the relaxed state of Gurus and yogis. Speaking as a Catholic, what do you say to those leaders of monotheistic religions, senior clerics in my own faith who say that yoga has its origin in Hinduism and Pantheism and being focused entirely on the physical aspect of the body can undermine Christian prayer. Therefore, it is not necessarily the right approach to spirituality for Christians. Is being a devout Christian compatible with the practice of yoga?

Guruji : By eating Chinese food, we do not become Chinese. Listening to Beethoven, does not turn you into a German. When we can accept food from every part of the world, music from every part of the world, technology from every part of the world, why to single out wisdom that can bring you inner peace, without interfering with your own faith or belief system? This is my question.
No doubt, yoga has its root in Hinduism. Actually, Hinduism is a way of life. Patanjali never talks about many Gods or pantheism. Patanjali simply says – there is the body, the mind, the breath, and the life-force; attend to all of this. We should welcome wisdom, irrespective of its source, as long as it does not conflict with our traditions.

Om Namah Shivay

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Shouldn’t spiritual people be more considerate?

Q: I am in silence so I can’t speak but I wish to scream at some people on this course. They are so rude and think only about themselves. Shouldn’t spiritual people be more considerate?

Guruji: Yes, you are right. I keep them here so that they cause less problems in the world. Just imagine even after having come to the spiritual field if they are rude, how would they have been in their previous incarnation without the spiritual knowledge.
You don’t get disturbed by them. We are not a homogenous group here, not everybody is same. We are all different types of people here. Among the 500 people that are here there may be only three or four very irritating people. Thankfully they are only a minority. You don’t see everybody behaving that way, otherwise we would have a war here. There are some very good people here with a lot of patience as well. So put your attention on the good people, on the good natured decent people who have courtesy.
I am also at a loss with these people. I’m also thinking how to educate them. Maybe they are slow learners. Let’s hope one day they learn. Just remember there are all different types of people. We are literally in a zoo because the world is like that; it is like a zoo.

If you want to grow in Divine Love, you have to drop the pride and all the artificial walls you build between yourself and others. Through these walls, we keep judging others, and we think others are judging us.

Q: Because I travel a lot to places where vegetarian food is hard to find, I sometimes end up eating wrong foods and find energy is really low and there is heaviness in the head. What to do in such situations?

Guruji: You know when people have some allergies, just because of company they don’t eat those foods for which they have allergies. Suppose you have allergy to carbonated drinks, and because the company is all drinking, you’ll not say, ‘Ok, I’ll also drink.’ Because you know that you’ll suffer. Right?
So similarly, you can choose your food in any company, you can say, ‘Ok. If nothing is available, I am going to eat only chips, or vegetables, or bread.’ You are not compelled to eat non-veg or unhealthy food if you don’t want to. Ok? You don’t need to drink carbonated drinks if you don’t feel it’s good for you. Right? See, when people drink lots of carbonated drinks, it burns the lining of the stomach and the intestine. Later on you develop so many problems. All these carbonated drinks should be avoided. Someone had demonstrated, if a tooth, a tooth which had fallen is put in a cup of carbonated drink, it dissolves! That corrosive fluid can cause so much damage to our intestine, our brain, and our nerve cells. So, we must keep healthy eating habits and propagate them.

Today is much better than 30 years ago. 30 years ago, when we started, people were very allergic to vegetarianism and spirituality. But today, it has become a fashion. Because we create a trend and keep it moving.

Om Namah Shivay

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My mind conflicts between spiritual world and material world. How to overcome this?

Q: My mind conflicts between spiritual world and material world. How to overcome this?

Guruji: As such there is no conflict. You have to balance your life. You know some spiritual practice every day, some breathing exercise and yoga would help you go a long way, and then some social service activity what we call seva in India. All that we earn, we spend on our self. Isn’t it good that we should keep at least 3 or 4% of our earning to give to those who are in need of it. There are around 300 million children in the world who need education. You can be part of it.  One day in a month, take a time off in a group, go and help clean the environment, and some environmental programs and social service activity you can take on.
If we sit and think what about me all the time, then we will get depressed. You should see what you can do and how you can contribute to the world which is in need. That question and feeling should be within us.
We all have to work towards having a violence-free society; drug and alcohol free healthy society. Violence free society, disease free body, confusion free mind, inhibition free intellect, trauma free memory and sorrow free soul is the birth right of every individual and that’s what I have been telling around the world. We are all one family, we all belong to one family.
This knowledge is not the wealth of one community, or one religion or one nation – it belongs to the whole world, the technology to be happy and content. Technology to have the sense of belongingness with the world belongs to everybody, and not just to India or Hindus or Buddhist like that. Don’t you think so?
Longing gives you the power to bless. Bless the entire creation as the longing in you is God.
People who are ambitious, who work hard and make money, don’t forget to brush their teeth or eat their food, isn’t it. However busy they are earning money, they take time to enjoy their food. Like that, spirituality is food for soul, so do it also. 

Om Namah Shivay

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Minimum 35 Ways to Respect your Parents. Must read

1. Put away your phone in their presence.
2. Pay attention to what they are saying.
3. Accept their opinions.
4. Engage in their conversations.
5. Look at them with respect.
6. Always praise them.
7. Share good news with them.
8. Avoid sharing bad news with them.
9. Speak well of their friends and loved ones to them.
10. Keep in remembrance the good things they did.
11. If they repeat a story, listen like it’s the first time they are telling it.
12. Don’t bring up painful memories from the past.
13. Avoid side conversations in their presence.
14. Sit respectfully around them.
15. Don’t belittle/criticize their opinions and thoughts.
16. Avoid cutting them off when they speak.
17. Respect their age.
18. Avoid hitting/disciplining their grandchildren around them.
19. Accept their advice and direction.
20. Give them the power of leadership when they are present.
21. Avoid raising your voice at them.
22. Avoid walking in front or ahead of them.
23. Avoid eating before them.
24. Avoid glaring at them.
25. Fill them with your appreciation even when they don’t think they deserve it.
26. Avoid putting your feet up in front of them or sitting with your back to them.
27. Don’t speak ill of them to the point where others speak ill of them too.
28. Keep them in your prayers.
29. Avoid seeming bored or tired of them in their presence.
30. Avoid laughing at their faults/mistakes.
31. Do a task before they ask you to.
32. Continuously visit them.
33. Choose your words carefully when speaking with them.
34. Call them by names they like.
35. Make them your priority above anything.
Parents are treasure on this land and sooner than you think, that treasure will be buried. Appreciate your parents while you still can.
Today lets make loads of duas for our beloved parents, alive or deceased.
If U love UR parents please forward this

Om Namah Shivay

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When justice is tempered with mercy…

A thought provoking incident.
When justice is tempered with mercy…
A judge was sitting in judgment of an old lady who pleaded guilty of stealing some tapioca from a plantation.
In her defense, the old lady admitted to the Judge that she was indeed guilty of the crime because she was poor and her son was sick while her grandchild was hungry.
The plantation manager insisted that she be punished as a deterrent to others.
The judge going through the documents then looked up and said to the old lady, “I’m sorry but I cannot make any exception to the Law and you must be punished accordingly”.
The old lady was fined Rp.1 million (USD 100) and if she could not pay the fine then she will be jailed for 2 1/2 years as demanded by the Law.
She wept as she could not pay the fine.
The Judge then took off his hat and put in Rp.100,000 into the hat and said, “In the name of justice, I fine all present in the Court @ Rp.50,000 (USD 5.50) each as dwellers of this City for letting a child starve until her grandmother is compelled to steal to feed her grandchild. The Registrar will now collect the fines from all present.”
The Court managed to collect Rp 3.5 million (USD 350) including the fine collected from the plantation manager, whereby the fine was paid off and the rest was given to the old lady.

Om Namah Shivay

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Making Life a Celebration through Dispassion and Service

For life to be blissful, two things are essential. One is dispassion. Latch on to that inner being that is non-changing. Just recollect and remember that you don’t change and nothing inside you changes, you are eternal. When you are anchored in that dispassion then life becomes a celebration, at the same time service activities happen through you spontaneously. So when we are doing service activity, we have to share. Whatever we have, we should share with everybody and when we go deep inside our Self, then dispassion arises. These two things, service and dispassion, can make life a celebration. So snatch any occasion to have these two values.

A celebration without dispassion is very flaky. It is superficial, and there is no depth to it. In the same way service without dispassion is also not the best quality service because it tires you down. We need to be more dispassionate and do service activity and then life becomes a celebration.

Those who we feel do not belong to us, we are not happy with them. We want to dominate them. The tendency to dominate is because of the ego, and the antidote for this is having a sense of belongingness to everybody.
Q: I love you very much but often I come in a complaining mood. Please advise.

Guruji: You are much more than your mind. It’s the usual thing of the mind. You have understood the mind. Never mind!

Q. Guruji, you say that God is in every being. I can see God in you, but how to see God in others?

+Guruji: The sun is visible through the window, but behind the wall, also, is the sun. Accept it. ‘Kuch jaan ke chalo, kuch maan ke chalo, prem se sabko gale lagate chalo. Jeevan chand dinon ki baat hai’. Know some things and accept the rest, and love everyone. Life is a matter of a few days.

Om Namah Shivay

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