What is your opinion about religion?

Q: What is your opinion about religion?

Guruji: Religion has a role to play. Everyone is born into a religion. All the rituals in your life go through that religion. It has a limited role to play. Religion is not everything. You should be more spiritual.
When your movement is from religion into spirituality, that is more important. People who move from religion to spirituality, they bring dignity to their religion. When people move from religion to criminality, they bring disgrace to their religion. Today, this is what is happening around the world.
Today, people are not moving towards spirituality from religion, they are moving towards criminality. They use religion as an excuse to further their own agenda, and that has cost humanity a great deal.
When you move from religion to spirituality, you will find that everyone is yours. Otherwise religion divides people. In fact, within religions also, there are divisions. When you move to spirituality, not only do you unite within the religion, but also across religions.

We should have a sense of togetherness. Even birds have a sense of togetherness, ants have it, and every living being has a sense of togetherness. They work together, live together, and be together. And we as humans are so divided into nationality, culture, religion, language, and so on.
Q: What is the best way to attain enlightenment?

Guruji: This is THE best way. Sadhana, Satsang, Seva.

One of Lord Krishna’s many names is Maakhan-chor (one who steals butter). When butter is formed, it floats on the surface and does not sink to the bottom of the vessel. So it is both light and extremely nutritious also. So when our intellect becomes refined and mature in this same way, then we become Sthithaprajna, i.e. one who is equanimous at all times. But one who can steal the hearts and minds of even the most equanimous ones is Lord Krishna!

Om Namah Shivay

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