Every Saint Has A Past & Every Sinner Has A Future

Many people go through their lives carrying the burden of guilt or regret over past mistakes. For some, the weight is such that it crushes their sense of self-worth and they are unable to live a normal life, and they go to their grave haunted by the wrongs they have done.

Most of us know, even if we do not remember it all the time, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and that we reap what we sow.This universal law warns us of the consequences of bad karma, but it also encourages us to do good karma. If one has done something bad, repentance cannot undo it. But one can learn from it and direct one’s energy to doing good.

Positive and charitable actions lift our spirits and bring benefit to others. They keep the mind engaged in a healthy way, help one forge good relations and, when done repeatedly, create a habit of doing good.

Soon, a time comes when good deeds outweigh past mistakes, and the person not only feels happy himself, but is also a source of support for others. This is how character transformation takes place.

There are several examples in history of people leaving behind an ignoble past and achieving greatness. St Augustine is perhaps the most famous. A hedonistic party goer who fathered an illegitimate son, he eventually heeded the pleas of his devout mother and became a Catholic priest. Today, he is regarded as a Doctor of the Church, a title given to saints of particular importance.

Similarly, Angulimala, a serial killer, became a monk after an encounter with the Buddha, and Valmiki gave up life as a robber and meditated for years in penance before he went on to compose the epic Ramayana. He is now revered as `Adi Kavi’, or first poet, as he is said to have invented the `shloka’, the first verse, which defined the form of Sanskrit poetry .

These examples show that no one is beyond redemption, and each one of us has the potential for spiritual progress regardless of our background.

As Oscar Wilde said, `The only difference between saint and sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.’ This is one reason criminal justice systems in some countries encourage the convicted to do something charitable to make amends for a mistake, or do community service fully or partially in lieu of other forms of punishment, such as imprisonment or paying a fine. Even where such a provision does not exist, convicts get reduced punishment if they show true remorse or cooperate with law enforcement agencies, and sentences are commuted if the convict has a record of good behaviour. Such measures aim to encourage reform, so that convicted criminals emerge better persons from their experience of crime and punishment.

While one cannot change one’s past, its negative influence on the present and the future can be eliminated by changing one’s way of thinking and behaviour. The key is to turn over a new leaf. A mistake does leave a stain on one’s life, but repeatedly thinking about it only darkens the stain. Instead, do good, so one can create bright spots that will eventually shine such that no one notices the stains.

Om Namah Shivay

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प्रश्न‒अगर कोई साधु-संन्यासी बनकर रुपये इकट्ठा करता है और माता-पिता, स्त्री-पुत्रोंको रुपये भेजता है, उनका पालन-पोषण करता है तो क्या उसको दोष लगेगा ?

उत्तर‒जो साधु-संन्यासी बनकर माँ-बाप आदिको रुपये भेजते हैं, वे तो पापके भागी हैं ही, पर जो उनके दिये हुए रुपयोंसे अपना निर्वाह करते हैं, वे भी पापके भागी हैं; क्योंकि वे दोनों ही शास्त्र-आज्ञाके विरुद्ध काम करते हैं । माता-पिताकी सेवा तो गृहस्थाश्रममें ही रहकर करते, पर वे अवैध काम करके संन्यास-आश्रमको दूषित करते हैं तो उनको पाप लगेगा ही । वे पापसे बच नहीं सकते !

प्रश्न‒अगर घरमें माँका पालन करनेवाला, सँभालनेवाला कोई न रहा हो तो उस अवस्थामें साधु-संन्यासी बना हुआ लड़का माँका पालन कर सकता है या नहीं ?

उत्तर‒माँका कोई आधार न रहे तो साधु बननेपर भी वह माँका पालन कर सकता है और पालन करना ही चाहिये । असमर्थ अवस्थामें तो दूसरे प्राणियोंकी भी सेवा करनी चाहिये, फिर माँ तो शरीरकी जननी है ! वह अगर असमर्थ अवस्थामें है तो उसकी सेवा करनेमें कोई दोष नहीं है ।


पैसे तो काम करनेसे ही मिलते हैं; परन्तु बिना मालिकके पैसा देगा कौन ? यदि कोई जंगलमें जाकर दिनभर मेहनत करे तो क्या उसको पैसे मिल जायँगे ? नहीं मिल सकते । उसमें यह देखा जायगा कि किसके कहनेसे काम किया और किसकी जिम्मेवारी रही ।

अगर कोई नौकर कामको बड़ी तत्परता, चतुरता और उत्साहसे करता है पर केवल मालिककी प्रसन्नताके लिये तो मालिक उसको मजदूरीसे अधिक पैसे भी दे देता है और तत्परता आदि गुणोंको देखकर उसको अपने खेतका हिस्सेदार भी बना देता है । ऐसे ही भगवान् मनुष्यको उसके कर्मोंके अनुसार फल देते हैं । अगर कोई मनुष्य भगवान्‌की आज्ञाके अनुसार, उन्हींकी प्रसन्नताके लिये सब कार्य करता है, उसे भगवान् दूसरोंकी अपेक्षा अधिक ही देते हैं; परन्तु जो भगवान्‌के सर्वथा समर्पित होकर सब कार्य करता है, उस भक्तके भगवान् भी भक्त बन जाते हैं !* संसारमें कोई भी नौकरको अपना मालिक नहीं बनाता; परन्तु भगवान् शरणागत भक्तको अपना मालिक बना लेते हैं । ऐसी उदारता केवल प्रभुमें ही है । ऐसे प्रभुके चरणोंकी शरण न होकर जो मनुष्य प्राकृत‒उत्पत्ति-विनाशशील पदार्थोंके पराधीन रहते हैं, उनकी बुद्धि सर्वथा ही भ्रष्ट हो चुकी है । वे इस बातको समझ ही नहीं सकते कि हमारे सामने प्रत्यक्ष उत्पन्न और नष्ट होनेवाले पदार्थ हमें कहाँतक सहारा दे सकते हैं ।

Om Namah Shivay

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Om Namah Shivay

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वर्तमान समयमें घरोंमें, समाजमें जो अशान्ति, कलह, संघर्ष देखनेमें आ रहा है, उसमें मूल कारण यही है कि लोग अपने अधिकारकी माँग तो करते हैं, पर अपने कर्तव्यका पालन नहीं करते ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
कोई भी कर्तव्य-कर्म छोटा या बड़ा नहीं होता । छोटे-से-छोटा और बडे-से-बड़ा कर्म कर्तव्यमात्र समझकर (सेवाभावसे) करनेपर समान ही है ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
जिससे दूसरोंका हित होता है, वही कर्तव्य होता है । जिससे किसीका भी अहित होता है, वह अकर्तव्य होता है ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
राग-द्वेषके कारण ही मनुष्यको कर्तव्य-पालनमें परिश्रम या कठिनाई प्रतीत होती है ।


मनुष्य प्रत्येक परिस्थितिमें अपने कर्तव्यका पालन कर सकता है । कर्तव्यका यथार्थ स्वरूप है‒सेवा अर्थात् संसारसे मिले हुए शरीरादि पदार्थोंको संसारके हितमें लगाना ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
अपने कर्तव्यका पालन करनेवाले मनुष्यके चित्तमें स्वाभाविक प्रसन्नता रहती है । इसके विपरीत अपने कर्तव्यका पालन न करनेवाले मनुष्यके चित्तमें स्वाभाविक खिन्नता रहती है ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
साधक आसक्तिरहित तभी हो सकता है, जब वह शरीर-इन्द्रियाँ-मन-बुद्धिको ‘मेरी’ अथवा ‘मेरे लिये’ न मानकर, केवल संसारकी और संसारके लिये ही मानकर संसारके हितके लिये तत्परतापूर्वक कर्तव्य-कर्मका आचरण करनेमें लग जाय ।


असली गुरु वह होता है, जो दूसरेको अपना शिष्य नहीं बनाता, प्रत्युत गुरु ही बनाता है अर्थात् तत्त्वज्ञ जीवन्मुक्त बना देता है, दुनियाका उद्धार करनेवाला बना देता है । ऐसा गुरु गुरुओंकी टकसाल, खान होता है ।

वास्तवमें जो महापुरुष (गुरु) होते हैं, वे शिष्य नहीं बनाते । उनके भीतर यह भाव कभी रहता ही नहीं कि कोई हमारा शिष्य बने तो हम बात बतायें । हाँ, उस महापुरुषसे जिनको ज्ञान मिला है वे उसको अपना गुरु मान लेते हैं । कोई माने, चाहे न माने, जिससे जितना ज्ञान मिला है, उस विषयमें वह गुरु हो ही गया । जिनसे हमें शिक्षा मिलती है, लाभ होता है, जीवनका सही रास्ता मिलता है, ऐसे माता-पिता, शिक्षक, आचार्य आदि भी ‘गुरु’ शब्दके अन्तर्गत आ जाते हैं ।


‘आशीर्वाद दीजिये’‒ऐसा न कहकर आशीर्वाद पानेका पात्र बनना चाहिये ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
वर्तमानका ही सुधार करना है । वर्तमान सुधरनेसे भूत और भविष्य दोनों सुधर जाते हैं ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
दुःखी व्यक्ति ही दूसरेको दुःख देता है । पराधीन व्यक्ति ही दूसरेको अपने अधीन करता है ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
अज्ञानी तो बीते हुएको स्वप्नकी तरह मानता है, पर ज्ञानी (विवेकी) वर्तमानको स्वप्नकी तरह मानता है ।
ᇮ ᇮ ᇮ
वस्तुका महत्त्व नहीं है, प्रत्युत उसके सदुपयोगका महत्त्व है ।

Om Namah Shivay

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वास्तवमें अन्नादि वस्तुओंकी कमी तभी आ सकती है, जब मनुष्य काम न करें और भोगी, ऐयाश, आरामतलब हो जायँ । आवश्यकता ही आविष्कारकी जननी है । अतः जब जनसंख्या बढ़ेगी, तब उसके पालन-पोषणके साधन भी बढ़ेंगे, अन्नकी पैदावार भी बढ़ेगी, वस्तुओंका उत्पादन भी बढ़ेगा, उद्योग भी बढ़ेंगे । जहाँतक हमें ज्ञात हुआ है, पृथ्वीमें कुल सत्तर प्रतिशत खेतीकी जमीन है, जिसमें केवल दस प्रतिशत भागमें ही खेती हो रही है, जिसका कारण खेती करनेवालोंकी कमी है ! अतः जनसँख्याकी वृद्धि होनेपर अन्नकी कमीका प्रश्न ही पैदा नहीं होता । यदि भूतकालको देखें तो पता लगता है कि जनसंख्यामें जितनी वृद्धि हुई है, उससे कहीं अधिक अन्नके उत्पादनमें वृद्धि हुई है । इसलिये जे॰ डी॰ बर्नेल आदि विशेषज्ञोंका कहना है कि जनसंख्यामें वृद्धि होनेपर भी आगामी सौ वर्षोंतक अन्नकी कमीकी कोई सम्भावना मौजूद नहीं है । प्रसिद्ध अर्थशास्त्री कोलिन क्लार्कने तो यहाँतक कहा है कि ‘अगर खेतीकी जमीनका ठीक-ठीक उपयोग किया जाय तो वर्तमान जनसंख्यासे दस गुनी ज्यादा जनसंख्या बढ़नेपर भी अन्नकी कोई समस्या पैदा नहीं होगी’ (पापुलेशन ग्रोथ एण्ड लिविंग स्टैण्डर्ड) ।

सन् १८८० में जर्मनीमें जीवन-निर्वाहके साधनोंकी बहुत कमी थी, पर उसके बाद चौंतीस वर्षोंके भीतर जब जर्मनीकी जनसंख्या बहुत बढ़ गयी, तब जीवन-निर्वाहके साधन और कम होनेकी अपेक्षा इतने अधिक बढ़ गये कि उसको काम करनेके लिये बाहरसे आदमी बुलाने पड़े ! इंग्लैंडकी जनसंख्यामें तीव्रगतिसे वृद्धि होनेपर भी वहाँ जीवन-निर्वाहके साधनोंमें कोई कमी नहीं आयी । यह प्रत्यक्ष बात है कि संसारमें कुल जनसंख्या जितनी बढ़ी है, उससे कहीं अधिक जीवन-निर्वाहके साधन बढ़े हैं ।

परिवार-नियोजनके समर्थनमें एक बात यह भी कही जाती है कि जनसंख्या बढ़नेपर लोगोंको रहनेके लिये जगह मिलनी कठिन हो जायगी । विचार करें, यह सृष्टि करोड़ों-अरबों वषोंसे चली आ रही है, पर कभी किसीने यह नहीं देखा, पढ़ा या सुना होगा कि किसी समय जनसंख्या बढ़नेसे लोगोंको पृथ्वीपर रहनेकी जगह नहीं मिली ! जनसंख्याको नियन्त्रित रखना और उसके जीवन-निर्वाहका प्रबन्ध करना मनुष्यके हाथमें नहीं है, प्रत्युत सृष्टिकी रचना करनेवाले भगवान्‌के हाथमें है । भगवान् कहते हैं‒
गामाविश्य च भूतानि धारयाम्यहमोजसा ।
(गीता १५ । १३)
‘मैं ही पृथ्वीमें प्रविष्ट होकर अपनी शक्तिसे समस्त प्राणियोंको धारण करता हूँ ।’
यो लोकत्रयमाविश्य बिभर्त्यव्यय ईश्वरः ॥
(गीता १५ । १७)
‘वह अविनाशी ईश्वर तीनों लोकोंमें प्रविष्ट होकर सबका भरण-पोषण करता है ।’


सत्संग मिल जाय तो समझना चाहिये कि हमारा उद्धार करनेकी भगवान्‌के मनमें विशेषतासे आ गयी; नहीं तो सत्संग क्यों दिया ? हम तो ऐसे ही जन्मते-मरते रहते, यह अडंगा क्यों लगाया ? यह तो कल्याण करनेके लिये लगाया है । जिसे सत्संग मिल गया तो उसे यह समझना चाहिये कि भगवान्‌ने उसे निमन्त्रण दे दिया कि आ जाओ । ठाकुरजी बुलाते हैं, अपने तो प्रेमसे सत्संग करो, भजन-स्मरण करो, जप करो । सत्संग करनेमें सब स्वतन्त्र हैं । सत्‌ परमात्मा सब जगह मौजूद है । वह परमात्मा मेरा है और मैं उसका हूँ‒ऐसा मानकर सत्संग करे तो वह निहाल हो जाय ।

सत्संग कल्पद्रुम है । सत्संग अनन्त जन्मोंके पापोंको नष्ट-भ्रष्ट कर देता है । जहाँ सत्‌की तरफ गया कि असत्‌ नष्ट हुआ । असत्‌ तो बेचारा नष्ट ही होता है । जीवित रहता ही नहीं । इसने पकड़ लिया असत्‌को । अगर यह सत्‌की तरफ जायगा तो असत्‌ तो खत्म होगा ही । सत्संग अज्ञानरूपी अन्धकारको दूर कर देता है । महान्‌ परमानन्द-पदवीको दे देता है । यह परमानन्द-पदवी दान करता है । कितनी विलक्षण बात है ! सत्संग क्या नहीं करता ? सत्संग सब कुछ करता है । ‘प्रसूते सद्‌बुद्धिम् ।’ सत्संग श्रेष्ठ बुद्धि पैदा करता है । बुद्धि शुद्ध हो जाती है । गोस्वामीजी महाराज लिखते हैं‒
मज्जन फल पखिय ततकाला ।
काक होहिं पिक बकउ मराला ॥ (मानस १/२/१)

Om Namah Shivay

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Home Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Levels-2

6. Drink in Moderation
Alcohol contains huge amounts of sugar, and anyone trying to watch out for their blood sugar should definitely moderate the amount of alcohol they consume. It is best to occasionally drink wine with dinner, and not after dinner when the same glass of wine could alter insulin levels in the blood.

7. Watch Fat Intake
It is important to watch the amount of saturated fats entering the body because these can seriously increase the chances of contracting diabetes. Saturated fats are usually in fried and junk foods as they are cooked in unhealthy oils.

8. Exercise Daily
Getting in exercise each day is critical to maintaining normal blood sugar levels, even if it’s a brisk walk in the park.

9. Laughing
Yes, this is really one of the tips that will prevent your chances for diabetes. It was found that those who laugh have lower blood sugar levels than those who don’t laugh enough (this means you should keep reading our jokes!).

10. Eat Grapefruit
Grapefruit has been proved to aid in weight loss as it affects the glucose metabolism, keeping insulin levels steady.

11. Do Resistance Training
Building muscle mass is important for burning more glucose out of your system and training once to twice a week could significantly aid in preventing the occurrence of diabetes.

12. Drink Decaf, Not Regular coffee
Decaffeinated coffee slows down the rate at which the intestines absorb sugars and speeds up the absorption of sugar by the muscles.

13. Eat Smaller Meals
It is best to have a small meal every half hour and then another small meal (or a second half of the regular size meal) later on. In the same vein, it is also important to eat regularly so that insulin levels don’t spike.

14. Get Enough Sleep
Sleep deprivation can affect blood sugar and insulin levels so it is important to get enough sleep each night. It is also essential to stop snoring because according to some studies, those who snore are more likely to develop diabetes (because snoring is often tied to being overweight).

15. Learn Relaxation
Listen to soothing music or read an interesting book, whatever you need to do to relax. Meditation and yoga can also help if they are done properly and on a regular basis.

Om Namah Shivay

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Home Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Levels-1

Home Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Levels-1

Diabetes is one of the leading concerns among health professionals today as more and more individuals fall prey to this life-long and dangerous disease. Diabetes is caused when the blood sugar levels rise to an excess and a resistance to insulin results. Once this happens, the diabetic individual can no longer control their blood sugar levels, and they can rise and fall with serious consequences. Yet whether you are diabetic or know someone diabetic or not, it is important to implement measures to control blood sugar levels and to stop the spread of the diabetes in its tracks.

1. Consume More Dairy Products dairy
The protein and fat in dairy products helps improve blood sugar levels, and if the products are low in fat, it has been shown that they can also decreased the chances for developing insulin resistance.

2. Choose the Right Kind of Bread
Avoid white flour based products at all costs! These simple carbohydrates are full of sugar that spike up your blood sugar. Instead, you should consume whole wheat or rye products that are high in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates which control blood sugar levels and keep you full longer.

3. Maximize the Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral known to help prevent the onset of Type II diabetes and should be consumed as much as possible. It is best to consume natural sources of magnesium such as spinach, fish, nuts, leafy greens and avocados. All of these foods have been proved to lower the risk of diabetes and can even aid in weight loss.

4. Cardamom is great!
Cardamom originates in the ginger family of spices and comes from Asia as well as South America. The spice is known to regulate Type II diabetes and can be sprinkled on coffee, tea, yogurt and even cereal. The spice is known to help decrease blood glucose levels by eighteen to thirty percent.

5. Buckwheatsoba
Buckwheat is an excellent source of fiber that you may never have heard of. It also does wonders for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Buckwheat comes in the form of soba noodles, which are a delicious substitute for rice or pasta as well as in a number of powders that can be added to baked goods or even on top of a slice of (whole wheat) bread.

Om Namah Shivay

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Lighted lantern in your hand

“A man wanted a smoke. He went to a neighbor’s house to light his charcoal. It was the dead of night and the household was asleep. After he had knocked a great deal, someone came down to open the door. At sight of the man he asked, ‘Hello! What’s the matter?’

The man replied: ‘Can’t you guess? You know how fond I am of smoking. I have come here to light my charcoal.’

The neighbor said: ‘Ha! Ha! You are a fine man indeed! You took the trouble to come and do all this knocking at the door!

Why, you have a lighted lantern in your hand!’ (All laugh.)

“What a man seeks is very near him. Still he wanders about from place to place.

Sri Ramakrishna
Q: I have been a teacher for many years. I see in myself and other teachers that we don’t always practice the basic course points and it disturbs me to a point that I feel a bit of a fraud when I teach. What to do?

Guruji: It is good that you feel the pinch. That is the safety valve. If you are oblivious to your not following the teaching, then there is a problem. The moment you recognize that there are shortcomings in you then you are very safe.

Don’t think that you are a fraud. You are a traveller on the path and you are guiding the people who are coming behind you. This will only bring humility in you and you will know that knowledge is precious. No doubt you may not follow it 100% but you cannot deny that your life has changed and you are following it at least 80%. So even if you are not following the course points or the knowledge a 100%, you look into the 80% of the points that you are following. There are people who have not even understood or started their journey. For them you can be a real help.

One more thing, when you teach others, you also learn, so don’t say that I am a hypocrite. As you are teaching, you are also learning and you are refreshing the knowledge. Instead of sitting and blaming yourself and others, it is better you start teaching. Otherwise you will sit and blame yourself, ‘I am weak, I am unable to follow the knowledge, I am bad’, and then you go into guilt and self-blame. This is the worst thing that can happen to you on the spiritual path. That is why on this path, you always have a guru or a master. You leave your weakness to your master and go with the strength that you have and move as much as you can. So don’t be hard on yourself, and at the same time, recognize that you don’t follow all the knowledge but you have the intention to follow and that is good.

So just move on. Don’t get off the path and blame yourself. If you feel that way, just come and sit in an advance course, or a blessing course and it will wash it all off, because this life is a journey and you have to keep moving till you find perfection. And slowly and steadily you will definitely get it.

Just turn back and analyse. Suppose you had not followed any of the points in life, where would you have been? It will be utterly scary, that is why know this and walk ahead. Leave your shortcomings to me.

Om Namah Shivay

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