How to conceal a secret?

Q: How to conceal a secret? I feel nervous.

Guruji : A wise person makes no effort to conceal a secret. But he does not make an effort to reveal a secret either. For example, you do not talk about menstruation, death, etc. to a five-year-old, but as they grow older these things are not hidden from them any more. They become known as a matter of course.

An unenlightened one tries to protect a secret; and he also reveals the secret at the wrong time, to the wrong person, in the wrong place and makes a big fuss about secrets. Trying to protect a secret causes anxiety and discomfort. An ignorant one is not comfortable with a secret, whether revealed or unrevealed, but the wise one is comfortable with a secret whether revealed or unrevealed!


Q: I have heard that remotely you do help your devotees, why don’t you correct the feelings that arise in corrupt politicians and correct them before they do something wrong?

Guruji : If I do everything, what will you do? You also need some work, isn’t it?


Know that there is somebody who cares for you and who is taking care of you, and you will be all right.


I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.


If thoughts are coming during meditation, never mind, you know. When you realize, you again come back, observe the breath and just sit, that’s it. Some irrelevant, absurd thoughts come and go, it’s all part of stress release, hmm? You may get some brilliant thoughts or some very bad thoughts, don’t judge at that time, we don’t need to get excited, just relax.


I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.


Keep a journal to connect with your deeper thoughts and emotions.


Q: What is the difference between the mind and the soul?

Guruji : Mind is thoughts and soul is in which everything happens.


Be in knowledge. Listen to knowledge and do your practices (sadhana) every day. Then you cannot get into depression. Join a team, do seva. When you have nothing to do, you think about yourself and get depressed.

Om Namah Shivay

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The Other Side of Fear

The Usefulness of Fear, Nature has put an amount of inbuilt fear in all living beings. This fear makes life defend itself, protect itself. Like salt in the food, a little bit of fear is essential for people to be righteous.

Fear of hurting someone makes you more conscious.

Fear of failure makes you more keen and dynamic.

Fear moves you from carelessness to taking care.

Fear moves you from being insensitive to being sensitive.

Fear moves you from dullness to alertness.

Total lack of fear may lead to destructive tendencies – a distorted ego knows no fear. Neither does the expanded consciousness! Whereas the ego dismisses the fear and moves in a disruptive manner, the wise one acknowledges the fear and takes refuge in the Divine.

When you are in love, when you are surrendered, there is no fear. Ego, too, knows no fear. But there is a difference, like that of heaven and earth, between these two types of fearless states. Fear makes you righteous; fear brings you close to surrender; fear keeps you on the path; keeps you from being destructive. Peace and law are maintained on the planet because of fear.

A new-born child knows no fear – it totally relies on its mother. Whether a child, a kitten or a bird, when they start becoming independent they experience fear which makes them go running back to their mothers. This is inbuilt by nature to sustain life. So, the purpose of fear is to bring you back to the source!


Q: What quality should an ideal disciple have? Do you differentiate between disciples?

Guruji: Don’t worry so much, just be like a child, and take life with ease. Yes, I differentiate between disciples and you are very special. Each one of you is unique and each one is special, so everyone is different.


Small issues make us so upset. With small issues we get bogged down. If at all you have to worry, worry big for the world. Even if for a fraction of a second you worry about bigger issues you will be able to get up from the pedestal where you are sinking.


All thoughts are linked to emotions. Bad thoughts lead to bad emotions. Emotions also stays for a moment and it vanishes when you are a witness. But when you identify with it, it stays longer. It can’t stay forever, this is another thing.


Q: What is the better way to stay in the present moment? Concentrate on the breath or observe the mind?

Guruji: Both happen simultaneously. There is no choice for you.

Om Namah Shivay

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प्रेम और शरणागति

वाणी से प्रभु को पकड़ना

प्रभु के नाम एवं मन्त्र का जाप, प्रभु के गुण और स्तोत्रों का पठन-पाठन, उनके नाम और गुणों का कीर्तन, प्रभु के नाम, रूप, गुण, प्रेम और प्रभाव का विस्तार पूर्वक उनके भक्तों में वर्णन करना, परस्पर भगवत-विषयक ही चर्चा करना, विनयपूर्वक सत्य और प्रिय वचन बोलना इत्यादि जो प्रभु के अनुकूल वाणी का व्यवहार करना है वह वाणी द्वारा प्रभु को पकड़ना है |

कर्म से प्रभु को पकड़ना

प्रभु की इच्छा एवं आज्ञानुसार निःस्वार्थभाव से केवल प्रभु के ही लिए कर्तव्यकर्मों का आचरण करना | जैसे पतिव्रता स्त्री पति के लिए ही पति के आज्ञानुसार ही काम करती है वैसे ही प्रभु की आज्ञा के अनुसार चलना |

बन्दर अपने प्रभु को प्रसन्न करने के लिए जैसा नाच वह नचावे वैसा ही नाचता है | बाजीगर को खुश करने के लिए ही बन्दर नाचता है, कूदता है, खेलता है और कुतूहल करता है | हम भी तो अपने ‘बाजीगर’ के हाथ के बन्दर ही हैं, फिर वह जिस प्रकार प्रसन्न हो, वही नाच हमें प्रिय होना चाहिए | फूल तो वही जो चतुर-चिन्तामणि के चरणोंपर चढ़े, जीवन तो वही जो प्रभु के चरणों में चढ़ जाय |

कपड़े की चादर को जिस प्रकार मालिक चाहे ओढ़े, चाहे बिछावे, चाहे फाड़ दे, चाहे जला दे, चादर हर प्रकार से उसके अधीन है | ठीक उसी प्रकार भक्त को भी होना चाहिए | चाहे प्रभु भक्त को तारे, चाहे मारे, वह जिस प्रकार चाहे रक्खे | काट डाले, चाहे जला डाले—जैसे चाहे वैसे रक्खे, भक्त को तो हर क्रिया में मालिक का प्यारा हाथ देखकर सदा हर्षपूर्ण ही रहना चाहिए |

हम तो प्रभु के हाथ की केवल कठपुतली हों | वह चाहे जैसा नाच नचावे | मालिक की इच्छा में ही प्रसन्न रहना हमारा परम धर्म है |

सर्वत्र ईश्वर का दर्शन करते हुए यज्ञ, दान, तप, ब्रह्मचर्य आदि उत्तम कर्मों का आचरण करना एवं सब भूतों के हित में रत होकर सबके साथ विनय और प्रेमपूर्वक व्यवहार करना कर्मों के द्वारा प्रभु को पकड़ना है |

याद रखिये, उसकी शरण में चले जानेपर अहित भी ‘हित’ बन जाता है—

गरल सुधा सम अरि हित होई |

शरण में जाकर यदि मर जाए तो वह मरण भी मुक्ति से बढ़कर है | प्रभु कहते हैं—

जे करे आमार आस, तार करि सर्वनास |
तबु जे छाँड़े न आस, तार हई दासेर दास ||

अर्थात् ‘जो मेरी आशा करता है मैं उसका सर्वनाश कर देता हूँ, इसपर भी जो मेरी आशा नहीं छोड़ता उसका मैं दासानुदास बन जाता हूँ |’

उपर्युक्त प्रकार से शरण होनेपर वह प्रभु की कृपा का सच्चा पात्र बन जाता है और प्रभु की कृपा से ही उसे विशुद्ध प्रेम की प्राप्ति हो जाती है तथा उसको परमात्मा का साक्षात् दर्शन होकर परमानन्द एवं परम शांति की प्राप्ति हो जाती है |

Om Namah Shivay

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Are you Respectful ?-2

Unconditional Regard and Respect
It’s always refreshing and somehow uplifting to meet ‘someone’ who never loses his or her respect for others. Regardless of the past actions of ‘the other person’ or the history of the relationship, it’s as if it doesn’t matter what the other person says or does, that ‘someone’ never loses respect for that person. They can still see the inherent good and the worthiness of the individual, regardless of any mistakes made, crimes committed or insults thrown. They can even see beyond what seems to be dark personality traits to a place within the other that is prior to personality, and is without any distortion. Not exactly something that most of us are taught!

They remind us that not only is it possible to separate the individual from their behavior i.e. ‘what they are’ from ‘what they do’ (or have done), but how the consistent maintenance of respect can influence and empower the other to change their ways. There are now numerous examples of hardened criminals who have reformed their violent and disrespectful behaviors after spending time with someone who has shown them unconditional regard. Antisocial youths respond in the same way in the sustained company of a mentor who gives them complete and consistent unconditional respect and regard.

In one particular penitentiary (Dade County, Miami), over ten years ago, the breakout rate, levels of conflict and drug abuse were the highest of all penitentiaries in the US. In came a new Governor who sent all prison staff on ‘customer service’ training. When they returned the Governor asked them to treat the prisoners as if they were customers! Two years later the penitentiary had the lowest break out, lowest conflict levels and drug abuse rates. All down to one idea, one word, one shift in perception, that lead to a change in attitude. Respect. Instead of seeing the prisoners in a negative light based on their attitudes or histories, they began to acknowledge and affirm the innate dignity and worth of the human being. It transformed the culture of an institution.

Disrespect as Entertainment

What we seldom notice is what happens within us the moment we create a negative judgment of another. It’s a form of attack. We are not aware that it’s not them that is sabotaging our capacity to extend respect, it’s our attack, in the form of our judgment, that sabotages our ability to respect them, to value them.

Om Namah Shivay

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Are you Respectful ?-1

“I’ve lost all respect for them”, is not an uncommon phrase found in many conversations. It usually follows a moment when we believe we have been wronged, cheated or insulted. Sometimes, if we believe someone else has been wronged, we withdraw our respect from the perpetrator on their behalf! Even though we may never have met them! And yet, as we disrespect the disrespectful we often don’t realize we are simply adding to the sum of disrespectfulness in the world!

Endangered Species!
It seems, in many areas of society, we are witnessing the rapid disappearance of respect. Each week brings more stories of animosity and conflict between couples, family members, neighbors, work colleagues, politicians and in just about every other area of society. Disrespectful behavior has almost become the norm in some communities, in some schools and in some institutions. In sport and education ‘respect campaigns’ have sprung up in an attempt to heal fractured relationships and a deteriorating culture. As with so many ‘values’ we only start to value what we realize we are losing or have lost. The more respect disappears the more we start to see it’s crucial role in maintaining the coherence of both family and community.

But why do we stop respecting someone. Why is it that we seem to lose our ability to give respect to another so quickly? Why do we create ‘the other’ in such a negative light within our consciousness? Before we can answer such questions we probably need to clarify the idea, the concept, the meaning of respect itself.

So what is respect exactly?

Respect is a verb mistaken for a noun. It is something that we do more than something static that we give and receive. It’s not a thing! But it’s hard not to talk of it as a ‘thing’, as a noun. It’s in the nature of language to try to capture it! To respect another is to acknowledge and affirm the goodness and worth of the other. It is ‘to value’ the other within the dynamic exchanges of the relationship.

Prior to any visible or audible demonstration, respect is how we hold someone within the ‘light of our consciousness’. It is how we create ‘the other’, which means ‘perceive’ the other. Our respect will be defined by the quality of the energy with which we surround the other in our mind, long before our words and behaviors express it visibly. It is only possible within a non-judgmental attitude.

Om Namah Shivay

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चित्त की अशुद्धि

चित्त की अशुद्धि के अनेक कारण होते हैं, और उसकी शुद्धि के उपाय भी अनेक हैं | उनमें से एक प्रधान कारण अभिमान भी है | अभिमान उसे कहते हैं, जिससे मनुष्य किसी प्रकार के गुण के साथ अपनी एकता करके अपने को दूसरों की अपेक्षा श्रेष्ठ मानने लगता है | इस अभिमान के कारण मनुष्य जिनमें उस गुण का अभाव या कमी देखता है, उनको तुच्छ समझकर उनसे घृणा करने लगता है और जिनमें अपने से अधिक देखता है, उनसे ईर्ष्या करने लगता है | इस प्रकार घृणा और ईर्ष्या के कारण उसका चित्त अशुद्ध हो जाता है |

गुण के अभिमान से मनुष्य को अपने दोषों का दर्शन नहीं होता | अतः वह उनको हटा नहीं सकता | गुणों का अभिमान स्वयं ही एक बड़ा भारी दोष हैं | उसके रहते हुए दूसरे दोषों का नाश कैसे किया जा सके | सन्तो का कहना है कि अभिमानी योगी से पश्चात्ताप करनेवाला पापी अच्छा है; क्योंकि अच्छाई का अभिमान ही बुराई का मूल है |

जो मनुष्य यह समझता है कि मैं सत्यवादी हूँ, उसमें कहीं-न-कहीं झूठ छिपा हुआ है | यदि वह सचमुच सत्यवादी हो तो उसे यह भास ही नहीं होना चाहिए कि मैं सत्यवादी हूँ | अपितु सत्य बोलना उसका जीवन बन जाना चाहिए | जो गुण साधक का जीवन बन जाता है उसमें साधक का अभिमान नहीं होता | वह उसके कारण अपने में किसी प्रकार कि विशेषता का अनुभव नहीं करता | जबतक किसी गुण का गुणबुद्धि से भास होता है, उसमें रसका अनुभव होता रहता है, तबतक मनुष्य में अनेक प्रकार के दोषों की उत्पत्ति होती रहती है, अतः गुण के अभिमान से चित्त अशुद्ध होता रहता है |


* भगवत्प्राप्ति के जितने भी साधन हैं, उन सबमें उत्तम-से-उत्तम साधन है- भगवान् को हर समय याद रखना | इसके समान और कोई साधन है ही नहीं | चाहे कोई उत्तम-से-उत्तम भी कर्म हो, पर वह भगत्स्मृति के समान नही है |चाहे भक्ति का मार्ग हो, चाहे ज्ञान का, चाहे योग का | सभी मार्गों में भगवान् की स्मृति की ही परम आवश्यकता है |

* चाहे कोई कैसा भी पापी-से-पापी भी क्यों न हो, उसका भी कल्याण हो सकता है | केवल शर्त यही है कि अबसे लेकर मृत्युपर्यंत भगवान् को भूले ही नहीं | भगवान् को हर समय याद रखना ही सबसे बढ़कर उपाय है |

* समय बहुत कम रह गया है-ऐसा समझकर घबराये नहीं कि अब कल्याण कैसे होगा | अबसे लेकर मरणपर्यंत जो भी समय है, उसमें भगवान् को नहीं भूलना चाहिए | हर समय भगवान् को पकड़ें रखना चाहिए | भगवान् को निरंतर याद रखना ही उनको पकड़े रखना है | भगवान् को पकड़ें रखोगे तो फिर तुम्हारे कल्याण में कोई शंका नहीं है | यमराज की भी सामर्थ्य नहीं, जो तुम्हें नरक में ले जा सके |

* मनुष्य-शरीर पाकर यदि परमात्मा की प्राप्ति नहीं हुई, उनका तत्त्वज्ञान नहीं हुआ तो यह जन्म ही व्यर्थ गया | मानवजन्म का समय बहुत ही दामी है, इसको सोच-सोचकर बिताना चाहिए |

Om Namah Shivay

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A Yes Mind

Having a ‘yes mind’ does not mean blindly saying yes to everything. It means thinking positively with wisdom.

A ‘yes mind’ always goes with wisdom, not foolishness. If someone says that the lake is very warm, you can jump into it, you can’t say, ‘Yes’. You should say, ‘I think your perception is different, you must thinking about summer. Right now it’s very cold’. So a ‘yes mind’ is not simply nodding for everything someone says, but always seeing through wisdom.


If you have the confidence that there is a higher power that is helping you, looking over you, that is good enough. Whenever you cannot handle something, you say, ‘I give up’, and when you give up, you’ve surrendered. You can do that with frustration or with total relaxation.


Don’t think that God will be happy with you or be fond of you only if you are very knowledgeable. The purpose of knowledge is for your own joy.


Q: What should be the goal of human life?

Guruji: Why not list what should not be the goal of human life! Like getting miserable, making others unhappy, getting depressed. Negate what is not the goal then you will arrive at the goal!


Q: How do I find a life partner? I feel I’ve tried everything with no luck. What do I do differently?

Guruji: Well, I’m not an expert in this. You have to ask this question to somebody who has been in many relationships and finally got someone who they are happy with. They will give you their expert advice.

One thing I would say is, if you’re looking for a partner; know that you are there to contribute to their life. If you are looking for a partner to get something out of them and they also want to get something from you, then this ‘want to get’ will pull the two of you apart. But if your whole intention is to support, guide, and contribute to the other, then you will find that such a partnership will go on forever.


I tell you, if all the countries make even 0.1% of the expenditure that they make in the field of defense towards spreading peace and harmony, the entire world can change. No one prefers hatred. But many times unknowingly it happens, or it happens due to fear and insecurity of others.

Om Namah Shivay

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