Non-Biodegradable Waste

Q: What to do when suddenly one experiences a state of emptiness? What to do when all meanings fade away? Please bless me!

Guruji : Yes, bless you! All these feelings and emotions come and go. Sometimes you feel so dry like everything has disappeared. All your good feelings: love, dedication suddenly go away; but suddenly they appear too. So these are just passing phases in life, just keep moving on.


Being in touch with knowledge is very essential. You know, while you are driving, listen to some knowledge. Or just before going to bed, listen to some knowledge and go to bed. If you do these things, it uplifts your spirit.


How to Let Go of Painful Situations

How do you sleep at night? If you don’t let go, can you sleep? No! If you don’t let go of an event or situation, or objects, or anything around, you cannot fall asleep. That is letting go.
Just wake up and see, the world has been like this in the past, and it is going to be there for few more million years. See this all as a dream, let go and relax.
You know, big catastrophes have happened; the two world wars have happened, still the world is continuing today! Like that a little problem here and there happens, and there is a power that takes care of it! You are not going to be here forever. So see life from a broader picture, then you will be able to let go.


Q: How to stop nuclear waste? Currently, the whole ocean and slowly people are getting impacted due to the accident in Japan. How can we stop this?

Guruji : You know our oceans are dumped with so much garbage, so much garbage that you can create another continent out of it. They say, off New York coast, the ocean is not an ocean but it is just a garbage dump. You can create an island, a big continent from it, that much waste is being dumped into the ocean. That is why recycling is so important today. We should be environmentally conscious. Ask everyone to use lesser and lesser plastics, and be kind to nature.

If you go to the tribal areas where native people live in Africa, Asia and South America, you will see how their villages are so clean. There is no garbage at all.

If you go in the forest, no animal dumps garbage. You can’t find carcasses or dead bodies lying around anywhere in the forest. All the animals know how to keep the forest clean. Nature knows how to maintain the forest so clean. Tribal people know how to keep cleanliness. It is only the so called civilized people; we use so much and we don’t recycle things as much as we should be doing. And we dump a lot of garbage, that too non-biodegradable waste. This is a matter of concern. We all should be concerned about it.

Om Namah Shivay

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The Greatest Fear-1

Beyond the fear of unknown, of death, loss, of failure and rejection lies another fear. The greatest fear. Read on.

“I’m scared every time I go into the ring, but it’s how you handle it. What you have to do is plant your feet, bite down on your mouthpiece and say, ‘Let’s go.’ ” These are the words of Mike Tyson. To think about it, that’s what it boils down to: ‘Let’s go.’ Action is the most potent antidote to fear.

If you look around, you’ll discover that most people spend their entire lives in fear. Many are plagued with the fear of loss, of rejection, of failure, some also have the fear of getting old, but this not what I’m talking about. I’ve observed there’s a fear that easily dwarfs all these put together. And, no, I don’t think that the fear of death is the greatest fear, it may be the most inevitable but we don’t live our lives constantly worrying about death. Do we? Sooner or later, everyone accepts it.

In fact, I once read an interview by a doctor who worked in a hospice. He said what amazed him the most was that in his career spanning 40 years, he never saw fear or struggle in the eyes of a terminally ill patient. They lived in acceptance and their faces had the peace and glow of a sleeping child, especially in their final moments.

The base fear I’m alluding to is not instinctive, it’s not innate, we are not born with it, it’s something we learn, subtly, steadily, slowly. It is so powerful that over a period of time it becomes a part of our nature. If life was a language and each type of fear was a letter, the one I’m referring to would be the alphabet — it contains all other fears.

It’s the fear of happiness. Yes, that’s our primary fear.

From the moment you are born, you are weighed on a scale of comparison. Teachers, parents, preachers, relatives, peers, friends, society — sometimes with all the good intentions — constantly remind you of your shortcomings. We are eternally analyzing ourselves not against our own progress but against the capabilities of others.

He dances better than I do, she’s more intelligent, he’s stronger, she’s prettier, he’s richer and so forth. This comparison is rarely inspiring and mostly demeaning. It makes you feel you belong to the lowest rung of the ladder. We live in a world where not effort but attainment is rewarded.

If you score a second place and miss the first by the tiniest possible fraction, it’s not good enough. You are unlikely to be congratulated for your individual performance, instead you are consoled that at least you got the second place. This comparison makes you feel that you are not quite there yet. That your effort wasn’t good enough. And this has an incriminating effect on our well-being.

Om Namah Shivay

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Do You Test God, or Does God Test You

Testing is part of ignorance. You only test that of which you are not sure. If God is testing you, that means God doesn’t  know you well enough. How could people ever think that God is testing them? God does not test you because he knows you in and out and your past, present and future. He knows your strengths and weaknesses and he alone gives you strength. He doesn’t test you. Only you can test yourself. Only when you do not have confidence, then you test. If you are confident, why would you test? If you are testing yourself, you do not know yourself.

Are you testing God? God will never pass your test because He will never show up for your test. If He shows up for your test, then He is not God . 


Q: If our parents come first, then why do people become Sanyasis (one who has renounced the material world)?

Guruji : See, it is an individual’s choice and a matter of personal interest when choosing a particular lifestyle. It is not a compulsion for everyone to become aSanyasi. Neither is it a compulsion for everyone to get married and have children. Some people feel that they are happy by themselves and can work tirelessly for uplifting others and be devoted to the Divine.

So if someone feels this way in their heart, then they become a Sanyasi. Then they do not feel the need for a companion, or a life partner. They many times feel that why should they marry and disturb the life of someone else when they are happy and content with themselves and wish to go on serving people. Parents should not force their children to get married.


From whomever you receive love, just know that it from the Divine. You are getting love from the one supreme energy. 


There will always be some flaw in worldly activities. When we go deeper on the spiritual path, and in meditation; only then will we be able to overcome and rise above these minor problems and events in life. Only then will we be able to experience true bliss.


Do some service (seva). When you do some seva, you make others happy, that vibration of bringing comfort to others souls will bring you merit that will help you realize who you really are.

Om Namah Shivay

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Longevity Shortcuts

Here are some longevity shortcuts. They’re small actions you can start today to build habits that will keep you living a better, longer life

1. Have a Green Smoothie Every D​a​y

Numerous studies, including one published in 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have identified the so-called Mediterranean diet as one of the shortest ways to achieve a nutritious eating plan. But getting the five or more servings of fruits and vegetables that this plant-based diet recommends can be a challenge. A green smoothie — a blended mix of leafy greens and fruit — can pack that many servings into one big glass, with no cooking and little effort. If you toss in a source of omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber like hemp hearts or chia seeds, you’re well on your way to warding off heart disease, cancer and diabetes. A green smoothie can help you lose weight, too, since boosting the water content within your food keeps you satisfied longer than drinking the same amount of fluid alongside a meal.

2. Get 5 Minutes of Exercise

Five minutes a day of vigorous exercise may seem like a ridiculously small amount, but consider this: a small 2013 study by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers concluded that exercising just one day a week was sufficient to boost endurance and strength in a group of female subjects over the age of 60. After 16 weeks, the women doing resistance and aerobic exercise only once per week improved as much as those doing three times as much.

The takeaway message? Small, consistent actions bear results. Since the first minute or so of any exercise activity seems to be the most difficult to do, chances are good that you’ll stick with the activity if you simply get started. On days you complete just five minutes, you’re still ahead! Keeping it vigorous — causing you to break a sweat on a cool day, for example — will contribute to your cardiovascular fitness and help you ward off cognitive decline

3. Meditate for a Few Minutes

It may seem counter to the spirit of meditation to try to do it quickly, but practicing mindfulness meditation for even brief periods can start to induce the same brain changes and long-term health benefits associated with much lengthier sessions. Oxford University psychology professor Mark Williams and his team have developed a mini-meditation that can help provide calm in an otherwise frantic day. Set a reminder on your smartphone, or fill a typically unproductive few minutes in a bank or grocery store lineup by focusing on your breathing, and taking stock of the mood that threatens to overtake you. It’s a great introduction to the practice of meditation, one that might convince you to set aside more time for reflection each day moving forward.

4. Measure Your Weight and Your Belly Once a Week

No one wants to obsess over the number on their scale, especially if they’re trying to concentrate on the bigger picture of aging well. But carrying too much weight on your frame can hurt your longevity, and contribute to serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and fatty liver disease. While there’s some debate over the pros and cons of daily weigh-ins, checking your weight at least once a week offers an early warning sign that you’ve over-indulged, and will help you readjust your daily eating plan before you gain any more. If you are trying to lose weight, stepping on the scale once a week will give you a realistic picture of your progress.

By measuring your waistline once a week, you can see if you are at risk of obesity-related illnesses which are linked to too much belly fat. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend a waist circumference under 40 inches (100 cm) for men, and under 35 inches (89 cm) if you’re a non-pregnant woman.

5. Contact a Fri​end​

Staying connected with friends and family is a major component. Having regular contact with supportive people helps you manage stress, which can keep the stress hormone cortisol from threatening your longevity. Whether it’s an old friend or a new acquaintance, try to expand your social circle one conversation at a time.

Om Namah Shivay

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The aforesaid gives but a faint idea of only one aspect of the whole matter.

Again, look, there are instances when one loses consciousness while sitting in meditation.

Some people have found themselves swooning away, as it were, intoxicated with joy, remaining in this condition for quite a long time. On emerging they claim to have experienced some sort of divine bliss. But this is certainly not Realization.

A stage does exist in meditation, where intense joy is felt, where one is as if submerged in it.

But what is it that gets submerged? The mind of course.

At a certain level and under certain circumstances this experience may prove an obstacle.

If repeated time and again, one may stagnate at its particular level and thereby be prevented from getting a taste of the Essence of Things.

Once genuine contemplation (dhyana) has been established, worldly attractions lose all their appeal. In the event of an experience of anything pertaining to Supreme Reality or to the Self, one does not say:

“Where have I been? I did not know anything for the time being;” there can be no such thing as -’not knowing’. If it is possible to describe in words the bliss one has experienced, it is still enjoyment and therefore a hindrance. One must be fully conscious, wide awake.

To fall into a stupor or into yogic sleep will not take one anywhere.

After real meditation worldly pleasures become unalluring, dull, entirely savourless.

What does vairagya signify? When every single objeet or the world kindles, as it were, the lire of renunciation, so as to make one recoil as from a shock, then there is inward and outward awakening. This, however; does not mean that vairagya implies aversion or contempt for anything of the world, it simply is unacceptable, the body refuses it.

Neither dislike nor anger will arise.

When vairagya becomes a living inspiration, one begins to discriminate as to the true nature of the world, until finally, with the glowing certainty of direct perception the knowledge of its elusiveness arises.

Each and everything belonging to the world seems to burn; one cannot touch it This also is a state that may ensue at a particular time.

At present, what you enjoy does not impress you as being short-lived, rather does it appear to make you happy.

But to the extent that the spirit of detachment is roused, the relish of such pleasures will die down, for are they not fleeting?

Om Namah Shivay

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When Somebody Becomes A Nobody

First: you need a shift from the objective to the subjective. Meditate more and more with closed eyes about your emotions, your thoughts. Look deeper into the inner world, the world that is absolutely private to you. The objective is public; the subjective is private. You cannot invite anybody into your dreams, it is not possible. You cannot say to your friend, `Tonight come into my dream,’ because the dream is absolutely yours. You cannot even invite your beloved who may be sleeping just by your side. But you dream your dreams and she dreams her dreams.

Dreams are private; they’re subjective; the objective is the marketplace. Many people can watch one thing, but most people cannot watch one thought, only one person can – ­ the person to whom the thought belongs.

Remove your consciousness more and more towards the private. The poet lives a private life; the politician lives a public life. M K Gandhi used to say that he didn’t have a private life. That means he must have had a very poor life. A private life is a rich life. The politician’s life is there to be watched by everybody: on TV , in newspapers, on the street, in the crowd. The politician only has a public face. When he goes home he is nobody . He loses all face.

You have to find your private face. The emphasis should be more on the private than on the public. And you should start learning how to love the private ­ because the private is the door to godliness. The public is the door to science but not to religion. The public is the door towards arithmetic, calculation, but it is not the door to ecstasy , to love. And enjoy things which are very private: music, poetry , painting…Zen insisted on calligraphy , painting, poetry , gardening ­ something that is absolutely private, something that you live from the inside towards the outside, something that rises as a wave in the innermost core of your being and spreads outward.

Public life is just the reverse: something rises outside and faces in towards you; the original, the source, is always outside.Your centre of being is never within yourself. That’s why a politician is always afraid of the outside ­ because his life depends on the outside. If people don’t vote him in he will be nobody .

That doesn’t make a difference to a painter or poet. During Vincent van Gogh’s whole life not a single painting was sold, but that didn’t matter; he enjoyed himself. If they sold, good; if they did not sell, good. The real prize was not in their being sold and appreciated, the real prize was in the painter creating them. In that very creation he has attained his goal.In the moment of creation he becomes divine.

Whenever you create something you become a small god in your own right. If God is Creator then to be creative is the only way to reach him. Then you become a participant, no more a spectator.

The real prize is not when a painting is sold and critics appreciate it all over the world ­ that is just a booby prize. The real prize is when the painter is creating it, when the painter is lost in his painting. There is the real prize, there is the attainment.

Om Namah Shivay

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हिन्दू मूर्ति पूजा क्यों करते हैं

कोई कहे की की हिन्दू मूर्ति पूजा क्यों करते हैं तो उन्हें बता दें मूर्ति पूजा का रहस्य :-

स्वामी विवेकानंद को एक राजा ने अपने भवन में बुलाया और बोला, “तुम हिन्दू लोग मूर्ति की पूजा करते हो! मिट्टी, पीतल, पत्थर की मूर्ति का.! पर मैं ये सब नही मानता। ये तो केवल एक पदार्थ है।”

उस राजा के सिंहासन के पीछे किसी आदमी की तस्वीर लगी थी। विवेकानंद जी कि नजर उस तस्वीर पर पड़ी।

विवेकानंद जी ने राजा से पूछा, “राजा जी, ये तस्वीर किसकी है?”

राजा बोला, “मेरे पिताजी की।”

स्वामी जी बोले, “उस तस्वीर को अपने हाथ में लीजिये।”

राजा तस्वीर को हाथ मे ले लेता है।

स्वामी जी राजा से : “अब आप उस तस्वीर पर थूकिए!”

राजा : “ये आप क्या बोल रहे हैं स्वामी जी?

स्वामी जी : “मैंने कहा उस तस्वीर पर थूकिए..!”

राजा (क्रोध से) : “स्वामी जी, आप होश मे तो हैं ना? मैं ये काम नही कर सकता।”

स्वामी जी बोले, “क्यों? ये तस्वीर तो केवल एक कागज का टुकड़ा है, और जिस पर कुछ रंग लगा है। इसमे ना तो जान है, ना आवाज, ना तो ये सुन सकता है, और ना ही कूछ बोल सकता है।”

और स्वामी जी बोलते गए, “इसमें ना ही हड्डी है और ना प्राण। फिर भी आप इस पर कभी थूक नही सकते क्योंकि आप इसमे अपने पिता का स्वरूप देखते हो और आप इस तस्वीर का अनादर करना अपने पिता का अनादर करना ही समझते हो।”

थोड़े मौन के बाद स्वामी जी आगे कहाँ, “वैसे ही, हम हिंदू भी उन पत्थर, मिट्टी, या धातु की पूजा भगवान का स्वरूप मान कर करते हैं। भगवान तो कण-कण मे है, पर एक आधार मानने के लिए और मन को एकाग्र करने के लिए हम मूर्ति पूजा करते हैं।”

स्वामी जी की बात सुनकर राजा ने स्वामी जी से क्षमा माँगी।

Om Namah Shivay

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