True Intimacy

The test for truth is to kick it. What is true will come back to you. If it comes back to you, it is yours. What goes away with a kick was never yours.

The nature of everything in creation is to come back home. Everything goes back to its origin.

True Intimacy is non-judgmental.

It is not looking at whether the other person loves you well or not, whether the other person treats you well or not. That is none of your business. If I want to be intimate with somebody, take it for granted that they love me. When you doubt whether the other person loves you or not, then your love for the other person goes down.

There is no way you can know the love of another person. If you base your perception only on expression of love, you are mislead. Action does not always represent the truth of the state of being.

In true intimacy you stop looking at the act and you start being in love. So, if you have determined to love somebody, do not even think whether they love you or not. You love them . That is enough. If they kick you to see whether the love in you is true or not, then you should have more happiness. Then, also, you give love back.

True love is coming back to the Self. That is true intimacy.


This entire universe is nothing but vibrations. It is all made up of waves, vibrations, and energy. When your vibrations do not match with the vibrations of others you call it negative, and when your vibrations match with other vibrations, it is harmonious and you call it bliss.


Our soul desires to be understanding, our ego is only concerned with being understood. When you are being understanding you are connected to your soul.


I tell you, life is so precious, do not lose it. Just because you got less marks, or your debts went high, or some girl or boy rejected you and your love failed? Leave all these! Come to me and give me all your pain. All your troubles, all your botherations, give them all to me.


Q: Can you talk about karma.

Guruji: ‘Gahana Karmano Gatih’ Certain karma can be avoided, certain can’t. If it rains, it rains. But to get wet or not is your choice. If you have an umbrella, you can use it or you will not.

Om Namah Shivay

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