Think Fresh

To think fresh you need to be free of all the impressions. Let go of all the impressions right this moment and be Hollow and Empty. When you hear a word the sound conveys the meaning instantaneously. Similarly, the knowledge that you are sitting, standing, talking, etc. neither needs a confirmation nor a proof.

Just an intention to be free makes you free right away. Realization that freedom is your very nature, brings enormous Shakti (Energy).


Guidance on Earning Money

See, put in all your efforts and earn as much as you can. But follow certain rules. It is not right to earn money by committing crimes, or through any other wrong means.

If you do, then the result will only be misery and suffering. If you adopt wrong means to earn money, then your own conscience will prick you from within, and you will feel, ‘I have stolen from someone’. It will pinch you from within.

So do not use wrong means of earning money. You should put in all your effort to earn money, making the best use of time available to you.


Take a few moments every day for doing nothing. It really brings a lot of energy and uplifts the spirit. I think this is what is needed today. Our brain is bombarded with so much information, and so we need to recharge from time to time. Isn’t it so? So a few moments of conscious relaxation will make a difference.


Q: Can we have goal in life?

Guruji: Yes. You have to review it again after sometime. You don’t have to be stuck with it. When your vision changes, you can change your goals too.


Those who do not do any work, they keep finding fault in other people. They find fault in small small things. They are not able to see the good in other people. So we must ensure that we do not let frustration seep into us.


Q: What is spirituality?

Guruji: Do you feel belongingness? That is spirituality. When this belongingness expands to include everyone, then spirituality has grown.


All you need is passion. When you have a passion to do something, you can fit in everything. It is only a mindset. You have to be determined, ‘I have to do it,’ and you will do it.

Om Namah Shivay

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