Search for Happiness

Take life not as a struggle, but as a challenge. Take life not as a suffering, but a way to express the multitude of emotions. That is what I call wisdom.


Q: Signs show that the children under the age of 2 years or so have the innate quality of empathy and compassion. What do you think happens to the children that they lose ‘compassion’ and ‘empathy’?

Guruji: Many things contribute for their behavioural patterns that change over the time. But the knowledge of ‘What one is’, ‘what the mind is’, ‘who we are’; like the memory, intellect, ego and the mind; this is missing. Nobody teaches us how to manage our emotions, how to manage our mind and this is where spiritual knowledge comes into play. Tells you how your body; breath and mind they are all related and the different moods of mind can be changed. So your whole perception and observation and expression in life can be affected by your own will rather than being a victim of your own perception. We are able to have a say over how we see. We gain a multi-dimensional approach in looking, absorbing, judging and understanding anything around.


Search for Happiness

Just ask yourself this question, ‘Whatever you do in life, what is the purpose behind that? Why do you do what you do?’ It is to be happy, isn’t it so?

We do everything to be happy, but are we truly happy? If you ask young children whether they are happy now or not, they will answer, ‘Once I finish school and go to college, then I will be happy. Then my parents will not be behind me’.

When they join college, they feel that they will be happy once they get a good job. When they get a job, then they feel that they will be happy once they get married and settle down with a partner. Then after some time, they feel that once they have children then they will be happy. But then once they have their children, they worry about their education, and feel that once their children get admitted to a good school, they will be happy. Then after a few years, they feel that once their children finish their education and settle down, they will be happy. But by that time, their own life begins to come to an end.

We tirelessly run around our entire life in search of happiness, but we never find it. It is like preparing a bed to sleep on, but by the time we finish spreading the bed sheet and the pillows, it is morning already. We end up getting no time to sleep and rest. This is what we should not allow to happen.

Our life is very important. In this very life we can attain That through which everything in this creation has manifested and is in motion. It is important that we recognize that one supreme power which is making everything happen in this world. Once you realize that, then no one will be able to wipe away your smile, nor shake that deep love within you.


When a small problem comes, or (whatever you think as) a big problem comes to you, you get stuck with it. Wake up and see, there are bigger problems that people are facing. They need you and you can be of use to them.

Om Namah Shivay

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