How to transform thoughts into actions ?

Q: How to transform thoughts into actions with the same enthusiasm of the thought itself?

Guruji: Look, don’t sit and think too much. When a thought comes to do something, and there is enthusiasm, then you cannot keep quiet, because that is what enthusiasm is.

When a thought comes along with enthusiasm, it automatically translate to action, and there is no delay in this. What is important is, don’t be lethargic. If you have a good thought but you are lethargic, then that means there is no enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm itself is the medium that translates thought into action.

This is why, if you want to do something, then instead of doing it alone, do it in a group of two to three people. So even if your enthusiasm goes down, the others will pull your hand and take you forward.

Sometimes, motivation or a push from someone also helps the enthusiasm to go up. So whether it is studies, or some practice, do it as a group of three to four people.


That which gives you short term pleasure and long term misery is wrong and vice-versa.


Q: Does God exist?

Guruji: Only God exists. But to realize that takes energy, time and commitment.


Q: It is said that the relation of the Earth element is with our nose, or smell. Please tell us about the elements and our senses.

Guruji: Yes, the Earth element is related to smell, and hence the nose.

Water element is related to the taste, or tongue. There is saliva in our mouth, due to this we are able to taste something. So water element is related to taste.

The fire element is related to light or eyes. If someone is having eye problems it is related to the stomach. Stomach suffers and so the eyes suffer. Indigestion affects the eyes. So you will observe that before getting spectacles there is surely some indigestion or some stomach related ailment. This is because the stomach is related to the fire element.


Without knowledge, there is suffering in love too. Despite knowledge, if there is suffering, then accept it. That is the nature of love.


If someone blames us without reason, what can we do? Try explaining to them, and then forget about it.

Om Namah Shivay

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