How to cope with Insults?

Q: Guruji, when someone insults me, I simply accept it with a feeling of love, and I do not retaliate. Am I in some way encouraging injustice by doing this?

Guruji: Yes, we must never support injustice. You can forgive them once or twice. But if they do this repeatedly, then you should stand up against them and show them what they are doing is wrong and bring them to the right path.

But you should do this with cheerfulness and not because it is troubling you. One who is doing something wrong is harming himself and not anyone else. So you should try to help them understand this. When children do something naughty, a mother slaps them once or twice. Why? Is it because the child has hit her or insulted her in any way? No. It is because the child’s bad behaviour is going to harm him, which is why the mother scolds him.

For example, a child sits in a mother’s lap but also kicks her at the same time. Does a mother ever get upset because of this? No. Instead, the mother feels happy. But if the child does something wrong, or insists on doing something wrong, like playing with a knife, then the mother hits the child so that the child does not harm himself.

This is how you should understand.


Some people are emotionally dependent, some people are intellectually dependent, and some people are physically dependent. There are many different levels of dependency. Instead of focusing on the relative and changing aspect of life which is always dependent, put a little more focus on that aspect inside you which is independent, which is eternal and which is the same throughout.

There is something within you which is continuous; the same all through. Put more attention there and you will find that life is becoming more powerful, more independent, more fulfilling and more satisfying. All these aspects, all that you aspire will continuously blossom. It will blossom without effort.


I am responsible for my happiness. I will not let anybody bring down my happiness. You go with this determination and see what happens.


“Silence the Negativity in your Life.”


“Someone once asked me how l hold my head up so high after all I’ve been through. I said, it’s because no matter what, I am a survivor. Not a victim.”


Whenever someone criticizes you, listen to it. If the criticism has some substance, take it. If it is coming out of jealousy, be compassionate towards them. That is their problem; they are working out their own jealousy. They are pouring out their frustration on you. And in some sense, you are just helping them to empty their mind of frustration.

Om Namah Shivay

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