Examine your friendships, they are often for a cause. There are several reasons for your friendships:

  • You make friendships because you have common enemies. Fear and threat to survival can bring people together. 
  • You make friendships because you have a common problem. You talk about your problems and become friends. For example, sickness, job dissatisfaction, etc.
  • People get together because they have common interests. For example, through business or a profession (doctors, architects, social workers, etc.)
  • You make friends because you have common tastes. You have similar tastes in sports, movies, entertainment, music, hobbies, etc.
  • People become friends because of compassion and service. Out of compassion and pity for someone, you become friends with them.
  • People become friends merely because of long-term acquaintance.

Brave are those who nurture friendships for only friendship’s sake. Such friendships will never die nor become soured for it is born out of one’s friendly nature. Only through wisdom can one become friendly by nature.


“Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living.”


Boredom is a blessing when it leads you to wisdom. And boredom is a curse when it leads you to frustration and depression.


“Love who your heart wants, not what your eyes want. Don’t worry about what others say or think. This love is yours, not theirs.”


Once you are on the spiritual path, you never feel that you have aged. Old and elderly people who are on the spiritual path keep their enthusiasm till their last breath.

No matter how old they become, their face still glows with joy and happiness. They have a child-like innocence in them. So how can you call someone who has such a child-like innocence in them as old? How can you call people who are unafraid of death and who keep smiling as old?

When a person completely understands that I am not the body, I am pure Consciousness, then such strength dawns in him. How can such a person be fearful of death anymore?

Such people feel free from old age and death (having realized their true nature that is eternal). They are filled with happiness and enthusiasm. They are free from the conflicts of craving and aversions.

Otherwise you see so many people who till the last moment of their lives keep worrying about their son, or their daughter, or grandchildren.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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