Are Past Lives Real -2

My own transcendent explorations as a healer and spiritual teacher have shown me again and again the profound relationships and circumstances giving rise to issues, challenges and problems in this life that can be alleviated through past life awareness, forgiveness and understanding. Lives turn around when very old issues are put to rest, and the changes are often dramatic and long lasting.

As well as all this, my belief in past and future lives gives me a great sense of justice and peace. I have an unshakeable belief that those who harm others will experience that same energy frequency of harm themselves in the future, and that the justice of the Divine is incredibly fair. Knowing that, I can let it go, have forgiveness and cultivate compassion for the wrongdoer.

Whatever is going on for us now, perhaps it is either a form of grace from earlier times, or a clearing of some earlier karma. Either way we can meet our destiny with composure, and learn the best ways to manage ourselves through it.

Without a spiritual path, we are lost, depressed, devastated and crushed by the adversities of life. With a spiritual path, we are shown how to deal with the situation so as to create a better future. By learning spiritual tools and practices, we can heal, take a massive problem and reduce it, or we can learn to live with it, growing in happiness, illumination and joy at the same time.

Truly, it is how we meet our obstacles that creates either ugliness, or beauty and greatness within a soul.

I think that the road to enlightenment is long, winding and gets narrower the further we go. Whatever our beliefs, we are all going to the same place eventually. I believe that those who strive to make the world a better place, who are peacemakers even in situations of great challenge and adversity, who are capable of noble actions, humanitarian compassion and personal sacrifice, really do get rewarded down the track.


Q: How much sadhana is required to convert bad karmas into good karmas? How can I know that the account has been balanced?

Guruji: Unfortunately no one here has done the auditing of these (karmic) accounts. Perhaps Chitragupta (a Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth) would be able to tell you this once you leave the planet.

There is a saying in Hindi which means – Forget your deeds once done – whether punya (good deeds) or paap (sinful deeds), just drop them all. What use is it to keep an account of your actions? Just do your duty without worrying about the fruits of your action.

Om Namah Shivay

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