Let your children commit mistakes

“Only one thing you can do, and that is share your own life. Tell them that you have been conditioned by your parents, that you have lived within certain limits, according to certain ideals, and because of these limits and ideals you have missed life completely, and you don’t want to destroy your children’s life. You want them to be totally free – free of you, because to them you represent the whole past.”

But I’m a parent, I love my children, how can I let go of them?

“It needs guts and it needs immense love in a father, in a mother, to tell the children, ‘You need to be free of us. Don’t obey us – depend on your own intelligence. Even if you go astray it is far better than to remain a slave and always remain right. It is better to commit mistakes on your own and learn from them, rather than follow somebody else and not commit mistakes. But then you are never going to learn anything except following – and that is poison, pure poison.

‘It is very easy if you love. Don’t ask “how,” because ‘how’ means you are asking for a method, a methodology, a technique – and love is not a technique.’

“Love your children, enjoy their freedom. Let them commit mistakes, help them to see where they have committed a mistake. Tell them, ‘To commit mistakes is not wrong – commit as many mistakes as possible, because that is the way you will be learning more. But don’t commit the same mistake again and again, because that makes you stupid.’”

“What I am saying is in creating children who have freedom, who have heard ‘yes’ and have rarely heard ‘no,’ the authoritarian society will disappear. We will have a more human society.

“So it is not only a question of the children. Those children are going to become tomorrow’s society: the child is the father of man.”


Leave a little room for imperfections. Imperfections exist at three levels; physical, mental and emotional, i.e., body, thought and emotions. If you don’t accept the imperfections on the physical level, you become more and more imperfect on the mental and emotional level.


If you have digested the knowledge of ‘who you are and what this universe is all about’, then it is impossible to not be a loving person.

Om Namah Shivay

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