Eternalizing Problems

Whenever a problem comes in front of us, we eternalize and generalize it. We should stop this. If there is a problem and you say, I want you to say, ‘Oh, I will face this problem!’

Instead what is it that you do? When there is a problem you eternalize it, you say, ‘Oh, everybody is foolish, everybody is bad. Nobody likes me’. This is generalizing. How can this be possible?

In our mind we blow it up, generalize and eternalize the problem. When you sow such seeds (in the consciousness), such things will occur more and more.


Enlightenment is returning back to simplicity, honesty, love and faith that truth will triumph or succeed.


Q: How can I trust men?

Guruji: Actually, you don’t trust yourself. If you trust yourself, you can trust anybody. I am not asking you to be naive; be intelligent, be sharp, be alert, and understand people from a bigger perspective.

When you’re too emotional, you fail to see things as they are. Why do you have this issue of trust? It is because you get into an imbalanced emotional outburst or outrage. You don’t see things as they are.

There is a fine balance between enriched emotion and a sharp intellect, and that is what yoga is all about. When it comes to perception, you have to have that gentle enriched emotion, a sharp intellect, and on top of this, allow your intuition to work.


Arrogance – A Demonic Quality

There are some people, no matter what you tell them, they will say, ‘Yes, I already know, no need to tell me.’ They will never confess to not knowing something. They will act like they know everything.

Such a false sense of pride, such arrogance that is dismissive of everything that comes before it is a demonic quality.

Humility, simplicity and naturalness, all these qualities get concealed when there is arrogance.

Om Namah Shivay

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