Are you and me the same?

Q: Are you and me the same? Please explain!

Guruji: The subtler one goes, one finds the unity. But in the gross, this body is different and that body is different; this body’s needs are different and that body’s needs are different.

On the physical level if you see, we are not same at all. You have long hair and I have a little less hair. You have different tendencies and I have different tendencies. In this way, on the physical level, we are all unique. We are not at all the same. If we were the same, both our thumb prints would work on an iPhone, but that does not happen. On my iPhone, only my thumb print will work, nobody else’s thumb will work.

So, on the physical level, each one of us is different, and we cannot be the same. It is impossible to be the same. But when you go deeper and deeper (subtler and subtler), to the level of the Self, we are all the same because there is only one big life force that is there in the Universe.

The whole Universe is one organism. Just think about it: your body has millions of cells, and they all have their life cycle. Everyday there are dead cells coming out of your body and new cells are being born, but still you are one person, isn’t it? In the same way, the whole Universe is one organism (body) and each one of us is like a cell; everyday many are being born and many are dying. So the whole Universe is one organism, and that one organism is called Brahman.

Brahman is the whole Universe as a living entity. It is not a she or a he, or it could be both. Just like life force, is it a he or a she? Is electricity a he or a she? It is both and neither.

An embryo, is it a he or a she before it manifests? It is just an embryo. Like that the whole Universe is one life force, and in that sense, we are all the same.


Raksha Bandhan

This full moon is dedicated to the seers – the Rishis. It is also called the Raksha Bandhan. Bandhan means bondage, Raksha means protection. A bondage that protects you. Your bondage to the knowledge, to the master, to the truth, to the self, all save you. A rope can be tied to either protect or strangle you. The small mind and mundane things can strangle you. The big mind or knowledge saves you. Raksha Bandhan is that bondage that saves you.

You are bound by your bondage to the Satsang. Your bondage to the master, to the truth, to the ancient knowledge of the rishis, and that is your saviour.

Bandhan is bonding and bonding is essential in life. Let the bonding be divine in a life free from bondage.

Om Namah Shivay

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