You Are Strong

Know that every test in an opportunity for you to grow. Don’t take it as a test!

A test is not to know whether you are strong or not, but it for you to realize that ‘Yes, I am strong’. God is not ignorant that he needs to check and see whether you have the strength or not. God already knows your capacity; nature knows your capacity. The tests are for you to realize that you are strong.

If you find that you are going through testing times, it is for you to realize that you are much bigger and you can overcome that. It is for your own knowledge.


Now’ is for ‘total contentment’ and ‘tomorrow’ is for ‘desires, planning and wanting’. So behere and now, in total contentment and total serenity.


Q: How to be infinity?

Guruji: You are already infinity. Don’t try to be infinity.


Come on, wake up. You are loved and accepted by many. You are a precious flower of this planet. Do something useful. Do not think only about yourself.


Q: In India, there is a very well known river that is contaminated with germs, and the masters there say that if you’re interested in Hinduism or Buddhism then as a part of the rituals you have to go and have a bath in that dirty river. Can you tell us what really lies behind this?

Guruji: Once upon a time the river Ganga had very pure water, and today our Prime Minister has taken up the job of cleaning the whole river which is considered very sacred. In India we honor the rivers, the trees, and the animals. Honoring the whole creation is a part of nature.

No where in any scripture it is said that one needs to take a dip in the water; or that it is a prerequisite for someone to do yoga and meditation. These are all rituals. As I said, rituals and practices are different. People cultivate rituals over a period of time but the main thing is to appreciate the values. Values is the knowledge.

In poems it has always been said, ‘Knowledge is like a river. If you assimilate knowledge, you will be happy, you will be liberated’, this is the real message. The river Ganga, which you mentioned to be polluted also means knowledge. In a simile it is said, ‘If you are bathed in knowledge then you are free (here meaning liberated)’. But people literally take it as only if they bathe in the river will they be free. This is incidental or accidental, but the essence is living the values.

Om Namah Shivay

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