Why do Your Plans Fail?-2

3. You give up too soon

This is the most common problem. It is the number one cause, actually. It doesn’t matter what are you after, it won’t happen in an instant. It will take its due time. If a tree takes a hundred blows to fall, you can’t get to the hundredth blow from the word go. The first 99 blows are just as important. Without the first 99, there’s no 100.

How soon is too soon, you may ask? Well, when you give up without reaching the end goal, you’ve given up too soon. I’m not suggesting that you stick to unreasonable plans. Many a time people make wrong financial, professional or personal decisions, and it’s okay to accept that you made a mistake, make ammends and move on. But, for all other goals where you are not running out of resources, where you can reasonably put in a greater effort, especially personal development goals, don’t give up until you reach your destination. Take baby steps and keep taking them, one after another. Before you know it, you’ll have covered the whole nine yards.

4. You don’t listen

It’s one thing to be sure of your plans, it’s another altogether to think that you have the best plan. The former is confidence and the latter foolishness. Research has it that 95% of businesses shut down within their first year of operation. Most entrepreneurs are so in love with their businesses that they become blind to even right feedback. “My idea can’t be wrong, my decisions are sound. I’m too smart for these people around me.” This is how most of us (secretly) feel about ourselves and our plans.

Yes, yes, I know that those who succeed are the ones who trust their gut instinct. Go ahead, trust your instincts, but, trust me, it doesn’t harm to listen to the other person. At least, just listen. Once done, you can decide if you want to take up their feedback or not. Who knows, something good may come out of it. That said, you don’t have to listen to all forms of unsolicited advice, and you can certainly filter out those who are more interested in criticizing you than giving you an honest opinion. But, those who disagree with you after listening to you properly, hear them out. They mean well.

5. You don’t follow your discipline

If you observe successful people around you, in any sphere, you’ll discover that they don’t waste their time. They lead their life with a certain discipline. From the greatest leaders to the richest people, discipline is the hallmark of their life. Once you set a discipline, follow it. Your mind will give you numerous excuses to falter, to take it easy today, to do it tomorrow or to abandon your plan altogether. The only thing you have to do is to not listen to your mind. The more determined you are to follow your discipline, the less excuses your mind will come up with. And, once your mind realizes that you don’t waver, it stops complaining.

If you are hardworking and disciplined, if you are a good listener and can work without seeking attention, your success is as good as given.

Mulla Nasrudin’s wife convinced him to see a therapist for his stubborn nature and repeated failures. Fearing that Mulla may not open up, she secretly called the psychologist and briefed him in advance.

“I sense you suffer from self-fantasizing,” he said to Mulla in the first session.

“What is that?”

“It means you have a very high opinion about yourself.”

“That’s a load of crap,” Mulla said. “I actually think of myself much less than I really am.”

If within you and around you, you are in touch with reality, if you are true to yourself, your chances of seeing your plans materialize go up exponentially. Palaces of success are built on a truthful and sincere ground. One block at a time.

Your dreams may be unreal and that’s fine so long as your actions are real.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!



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