Life is a War

Life is a war. Doctors are fighting against diseases. Lawyers fight against injustice. Teachers are fighting against ignorance.

Depression happens when you lose the will to fight. Arjuna was depressed and he did not want to fight. His bow fell from his hands and his fingers trembled. Krishna urged him to wake up and fight! The decision to fight can take away your depression like it did for Arjuna.

Bharat says “Fight till you give up.”

Prashant says “Not give up… give in!’ (laughter)

Even your body is a battlefield.


If someone has hurt you intentionally, you should know that they are sick. What should be your attitude towards someone who is sick? You should be compassionate towards them.


Q: How to be consistent in getting good performance in my studies, my studies goes up and down?

+Guruji: Sankalpa is very powerful. So if you have this sankalpa that I have to be consistent, it will happen.


Turn every problem into a wonder, every adventure into a joy. And this starts happening inside you with the very glimpse and experience of deep, pure, and divine Love.


Q: Even after death, a man in the form of a soul keeps on looking for a body. Why there is so much attachment to the body?

Guruji: This is because the body is the instrument of carrying out one’s Dharma (one’s duties or karma). It is said, ‘Sharira madhyam Dharma-khalu sadhanam’. It means that if one has to carry out one’s duties or one’s karma, it can only be done through the means of the physical body. Those who are Asariri – meaning without the physical body – cannot do it.

That is the reason even the Demigods (Devtas) have to take a human form to carry out their Dharma for attaining liberation.


There are two things: one is, trying to get rid of darkness, here your attention is on darkness. But if you turn towards light and say you would like to light more lights, then darkness automatically goes away. This is what we need to do. Take a positive attitude.


Q: I always have this judgemental attitude towards everybody. Is it right or wrong?

+Guruji: Do you like it when people judge you all the time. No, isn’t it? Then why to judge others?


Every moment that you spend here on this planet, know that you are for a unique, big purpose, far greater than just to eat, sleep and talk. You are here for a greater cause. Just remember this.

Om Namah Shivay

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