Judgement Day

Q: What is the secret behind the notion of ‘Judgement Day’ in Christianity?

Guruji: Christianity says a judgement day will come. At that time all those below the earth, the dead bodies will rise and be asked about their right and wrong deeds. According to which they will be sent to either heaven or hell.

The understanding changed from the original meaning due to time and various interpretations.

Today what is believed and discussed as ‘Judgement Day’ is not what it was originally. The place where Christianity and Islam were born had a scarcity of wood. The land there had only stones and mountains. At that place burying was a better alternative. It was not expensive.

In India there was a lot of wood, so the tradition of burning the dead bodies began. Whereas in the land of Islam and Christianity, burning the dead was not possible. So according to the country and time people would do certain practices.

The interpretation people have maintained is that, on the Judgement Day, the dead would get up from their samadhi, but it is not that. In the Bible, it is said “Judge not and ye shall not be judged”. Christ asks not to judge (criticize) and leave the judgement only on God, and one day He will look into the judgement.

In India, we have faith in Karma, which means you will have to reap the result of all your acts. Good deeds will bring joy and bad will bring misery. Similarly, in Christianity they say not to judge and that everyone will have to bear their cross.


Q: If love is unconditional then why do we keep expecting something or the other from loved ones?

Guruji: Well, expectations are also natural. When they do come up, you should simply be aware that by expecting you are only reducing the joy. When you grow in wisdom, you will see that all these impressions will drop off and give way to something much bigger and beautiful that you truly are.


Q: My mind is very scared and not ready to accept the emptiness of the present moment. It constantly looks for something or someone to hold on to.

Guruji: This is the nature of the mind! Never mind! People who are fed up with the mind only say, ‘Never mind!’ The mind is like that, but you are not just the mind, you are much more than that.

Don’t try to repair the mind. Repairing the mind is like trying to stop the waves in the ocean. Can you stop the waves in the ocean? If you want to see an ocean without the waves, you have to dive a little deeper! When you dive deep inside of you, you will experience the stillness of the ocean. And if it is all frozen, that is enlightenment!

Om Namah Shivay

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