Sadhana – All The Time?

You cannot, because your body cannot do it all the time. You can’t eat the whole year’s food in two days, or one month. Every day, you have to eat only a certain amount. Similarly, in sadhana also, you can’t hurry up and do a lot of sadhana, then you will be what we call a blue star. A blue star is someone who is not grounded; someone who is out there!

Once, in the starting years of the ashram, a gentleman did the Samadhi Meditation Program. He was a brilliant person; he found the program so great, he said, “I want to be enlightened today! I will not give up until I get enlightened!”

He would sit meditating for eight hours a day. He would go sit in the Ashram to meditate. He would sit there all day, and people had to push him out when it was time to close. Suddenly, he started thinking that he was Lord Hanuman. He went to the temple there and would say, “I am Hanuman, why are they worshipping this stone?”

You can imagine what would have happened? Twelve policemen had to take him away, and he landed up in hospital.

Of course, he became normal, but what I am saying is that sadhana also has to be done progressively, step by step. You can do a little more when it comes to advance courses, maybe four or five in a year, but sitting the whole day in sadhana is not possible. The growth has to come gradually. One day, suddenly, you realise, :Wow, I am so changed. Nothing disturbs me anymore. I am happy; nothing can take away my happiness”. This sort of wow comes to you when you look back at yourself.


Think about all the good things that you have received in your life. All the good things have given you vastness. All the stupid and miserable things that have happened to you have given your depth and made you realize your strength over it.


The Guru is the one who leads you to the light of the Divine (Govind). So it is right. The Guru has always held the highest position in our country since the ages. It is a very unique pedestal and we need to preserve and honour the dignity of the Guru.

Om Namah Shivay

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