The Other Side of Fear

The Usefulness of Fear, Nature has put an amount of inbuilt fear in all living beings. This fear makes life defend itself, protect itself. Like salt in the food, a little bit of fear is essential for people to be righteous.

Fear of hurting someone makes you more conscious.

Fear of failure makes you more keen and dynamic.

Fear moves you from carelessness to taking care.

Fear moves you from being insensitive to being sensitive.

Fear moves you from dullness to alertness.

Total lack of fear may lead to destructive tendencies – a distorted ego knows no fear. Neither does the expanded consciousness! Whereas the ego dismisses the fear and moves in a disruptive manner, the wise one acknowledges the fear and takes refuge in the Divine.

When you are in love, when you are surrendered, there is no fear. Ego, too, knows no fear. But there is a difference, like that of heaven and earth, between these two types of fearless states. Fear makes you righteous; fear brings you close to surrender; fear keeps you on the path; keeps you from being destructive. Peace and law are maintained on the planet because of fear.

A new-born child knows no fear – it totally relies on its mother. Whether a child, a kitten or a bird, when they start becoming independent they experience fear which makes them go running back to their mothers. This is inbuilt by nature to sustain life. So, the purpose of fear is to bring you back to the source!


Q: What quality should an ideal disciple have? Do you differentiate between disciples?

Guruji: Don’t worry so much, just be like a child, and take life with ease. Yes, I differentiate between disciples and you are very special. Each one of you is unique and each one is special, so everyone is different.


Small issues make us so upset. With small issues we get bogged down. If at all you have to worry, worry big for the world. Even if for a fraction of a second you worry about bigger issues you will be able to get up from the pedestal where you are sinking.


All thoughts are linked to emotions. Bad thoughts lead to bad emotions. Emotions also stays for a moment and it vanishes when you are a witness. But when you identify with it, it stays longer. It can’t stay forever, this is another thing.


Q: What is the better way to stay in the present moment? Concentrate on the breath or observe the mind?

Guruji: Both happen simultaneously. There is no choice for you.

Om Namah Shivay

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