Tilak on the forehead

Q: What is the significance of applying tilak on the forehead (referring to the portion of the forehead between the eyebrows)? What does it represent? Married women in our country also apply the tilak. What is the reason behind it?

Guruji: The third eye is present there (referring to the center associated with alertness or awareness). So there is a custom of applying sandal paste or other things at the location of pineal and pituitary glands which have a great effect on our body and mind. One reason for applying the paste is to give respect to that portion of the forehead. It stimulates our attention.

Whenever you think, what do you do? Your hand automatically goes at this place. When you make a mistake, your hand goes at the head. When you think or deeply ponder over something or some problem comes then too you keep your hand like this. If you go to any country or any corner of the world, you find that everywhere people think like this. This is the seat of wisdom. It is the peetha (seat) of knowledge. That is why chandan (sandal paste), kumkum or sindoor (vermillion powder) is applied there. It is symbolic.


Everything has been given and yet we sit and cry over small matters. For how long will you cry like this? Wake up! It is impossible to find complete happiness in the world. Happiness is always accompanied by some problems or the other, here and there. Have the courage and wake up!


Q: My profession is such that I cannot get by without speaking lies. Is there any way by which I can do well in my profession without having to resort to telling lies?

Guruji: What profession is that? It sounds like the profession of a lawyer. See, there are many eminent and capable lawyers even today who do not take up cases which are not good (meaning cases of corrupt and false people); or cases which may harm others. Reputed lawyers first always study the case; and then evaluate if there is any probability of winning it. Only then do they take it up. So you also judge and use your discretion.

Truth when expressed through words becomes false (Meaning: Truth is that which is beyond words and is inexpressible). There is a saying from olden times –“Vachyarambhaha vikaaro naamadheya”. It means the truth, when spoken through words becomes distorted into a lie. Whatever comes into expression becomes a lie, it becomes distorted. So don’t worry. Truth is not spoken. The Truth is not that which is spoken. Truth is said to be trikaala-baadhit (relevant at all times; or meaning that the truth is beyond the past, present and the future). So that which remains the same in all the three times is the truth. So you continue your profession without any worries. Do it honestly. Surrender the rest to God.

Om Namah Shivay

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