An Eternal Source Of Inspiration -2

Metaphysical bipolarities such as monism and dualism, Purusha and Prakriti — spirit and matter, male and female principles, the Absolute Reality and the concept of a personal God, harmonise in the Gita, the true import being to help the seeker to realise God by any one of the three paths — Jnana Yoga, way of knowledge, Karma Yoga, way of action and Bhakti Yoga, way of devotion, which supplement and complement one another.

Eminent saints, scholars, mystics, yogis, psychologists, social scientists, reformers, politicians and administrators gained fresh perspectives from the Gita and interpreted it accordingly. Bal Gangadhar Tilak perceived in the Gita, philosophy of action, Aurobindo, philosophy of Being; Swami Vivekananda, philosophy of human awakening; Swami Yogananda, philosophy of synergistic kinship with God, and Gandhi, philosophy of truthful living. Jnaneshvara’s commentary on the Gita, Bhavartha Dipika, popularly called the Jnanehvari in Marathi, redacted and made authentic by Ekanatha in 9,000 ovi — stanzas, brought about a spiritual revival in Western India, and continues to be the sacred text of the Varkari sect.

The Gita continues to influence the course of human thought across the globe. Its age-old wisdom is being increasingly used for Self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-management.


You are here to be useful and be of help to others around you, and for yourself as well. When a few people get comfort and relief because of you, then the happiness and contentment that you get cannot be expressed in words at all.


When maturity blossoms in you, an expansion begins to dawn within you; that is when you stop getting stuck and entangled in small petty things in life.


Q: How do you know a mistake is a mistake?

Guruji: A mistake gives you a pinch that pricks the consciousness and that pinch will not allow the mistake to be repeated.


You Are the Queen of Flowers

There are many flowers which are so fragrant, but do not have the texture or the beauty of a rose. There are some other flowers which look so beautiful but are not as fragrant as a rose. A rose has both beauty and fragrance and that’s why it is called the queen of flowers. You yourself are the queen of flowers, you yourself have beauty and fragrance.

This is what is expected of any beloved. They should not just look beautiful, they should exuberate fragrance. Some may have that fragrance, but if their actions are not what you perceive as an expression of what true love should be, then communicate that to them. Communication is very important.

Om Namah Shivay

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