11 Mistakes You Make that Age You-2

6. You only use sunscreen when on vacation.

If you only use sunblock at the beach, you may actually be doing more harm to your skin while running errands and driving than a whole day spent on that beach. Skin damage accumulates, and the sun’s rays are the #1 reason for ageing skin. Dr Taylor, associate professor of dermatology, recommends that you use an SPF between 30-50 for daily protection.

7. You wear too much makeup.

This is not a judgement, just a fact. Many make-up products are oil based, and can clog your pores and cause outbreaks. Overusing skin products with fragrances, alcohol agents and chemicals that irritate may cause premature lines and wrinkles.

8. You sleep with your face against the pillow.

Sleeping on your stomach of side with your face mashed into the pillow may create wrinkles and make your aging process look like it’s going faster. Our facial skin gets less flexible with time, and so as we lay on the pillow night after night, our skin may not spring back and smooth the lines you had, and so the pillow can leave permanent marks on our face. So sleep on your back or invest in a satin pillowcase that’ll keep your skin smooth.

9. You keep your house very warm.

When you turn up the thermostat or light a fireplace because it’s cold, it’s tempting to making it hot and toasty inside. But the problem is that the thermostat, and also the fireplace, suck moisture out of the air in the house, which leads to dry skin. If this goes on, as indeed in cold climates it may, it will lead to damaged skin with ageing effects.

So invest in a humidifier, and set to 40-60% humidity. This will free your skin from the itching, scratching and even flaking that comes with dry air.

Another way to go is placing a wet towel over a radiator or a bowl of cold water in the room.

10. You purse your lips

Drinking your beverages through a straw can help you avoid staining your teeth, but just like squinting can give you wrinkles around the eyes, so can pursing your lips give you wrinkles around the mouth.

By the way, this also often happens when you smoke a cigarette.

11. You’ve stopped eating fat altogether.

Some amounts of fat are required to maintaining a youthful appearance and feeling, according to Franci Cohen, nutritionist and exercise physiologist from Brooklyn, NY. Heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which you can find in oily fish such as mackerel or salmon, as well as nuts like walnuts and flax seeds, will keep your skin plump and supple. This will prevent wrinkles while also boosting the health of both your brain and heart.

Om Namah Shivay

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