Longing itself is God

Q: Do you feel the longing to meet us as we do to meet you?

Guruji:  But I keep meeting all of you. I am never apart. Longing itself is God.


Q: Why are the Yezdis suffering so much? Were they the guards of Hitlers concentration camps at that time and is this their karma? Why should somebody be victimised for nothing?

Guruji: These questions have no answers because it is connected with something much bigger than our understanding. Instead of sitting and wondering why they are suffering, think of what we can do for them. You don’t need to come to the conclusion on why they are suffering, instead of that, let us see what we can do for them.

In Kurdistan they have already collected 110 tons of food grains and supplies. We are arranging to get all the material airlifted to the people who are caught in the Sinjar Mountains. There are 9500 of them there. Let us see how we can help them. Let us create the awareness in people about their suffering.

In the middle ages, this was the case with Parsis. They were chased out of Iran. They came in small boats and landed in Gujarat and that’s how they were given shelter by the Kings in India. The people of India were full of compassion and they allowed them to follow their own religion and keep their traditions alive. This has been an ancient tradition of India, i.e., to give protection to those whose existence was threatened. Similarly the Jews also came to India and they were given protection.


You want enlightenment? You want to see God? Do service and just relax!


Learn to make people your own. They already belong to you; they come from the same soil & breathe the same air. We’re all connected so deeply


Q: I have acquired a lot of skills doing seva, but it does not help in practical life.

Guruji: Whatever you learn in life will help you sometime or the other.


There should not be a difference in what we practice and what we preach. One should practice on the outside what one believes from the inside. This approach gives great inner strength. It is such a great strength to have, and using it we can readily march towards success in life.

Om Namah Shivay

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