Why does our mind run after fame money and glamor?

Q: Why does our mind run after fame money and glamor? Is it necessary?

Guruji: Well, you got this question! First, you understand that the mind is running. Then you get this question, ‘Is it necessary?’ I leave this question to you. It is very personal, very individual. I don’t think it is necessary. But my answer will not necessarily suffice for you. It has to come from within. Otherwise, it will be just a mood making. ‘Oh, I don’t want money’, but one part of the mind will say, ‘No, I need money.’ One mind will say, ‘I don’t need fame and another will say, ‘No, I need fame’.

Like this, the conflict starts happening. But when you wake up and see, and see those people who have had all this – how shallow and hollow they are, then naturally you find there is no significance in all this. Then neither will you crave for it, nor will you make any effort to renounce it. People who say, ‘I don’t want fame’, inside, somewhere, the mind is saying, ‘Oh, I want fame, I want fame’.

When the sun has arisen, what is the use of torchlight? You are moving with torchlight and suddenly you realize there is no meaning in moving with the torchlight, when the sun is there. Then that is your experience, your true experience. So when you run behind things which are illusive – you will realize that it is causing more pain, more suffering and ‘it is not giving me what I really want’.

Then there is fulfillment, centeredness, a subtle solid strength comes from within. Then if fame comes, money comes, it doesn’t touch you. It comes or doesn’t come, doesn’t matter to you. ‘I want it’ or ‘I don’t want it’ are two sides of the same coin. Somewhat we need to be – let it be.


Q: In a country like India, especially Mumbai where I live, there is so much inequality that I feel embarrassed and guilty for what I have. Yet I have the ambition to earn money and live well. How to reconcile these two things?

Guruji: Engage yourself in some service activity or another. It is good that something pricks you. That itself will motivate you to do something good for the society. And earmark 2% or 3% of what you earn, because if we use all of what we earn only on ourselves, then that is not good. We will definitely feel uncomfortable. So we must earmark 10% or 5%, whatever you can for social causes, and go and help the children, and the people in the slums.

There is so much activity happening at Dharavi, you can be part of that. When you see these young children grow up educated, you will feel immense satisfaction. You don’t need to feel guilty about having a comfortable home, and a good car.


Q: While doing puja or singing bhajans, I get very emotional. Is that wrong?

Guruji: No that is very good. This happens to the fortunate. If we are fortunate then tears well up in our eyes. When your heart blossoms, then the tears fall.

Om Namah Shivay

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