The Avadhoota Gita-21

Chapter 3

1. The distinction of quality and absence of quality does not exist in the least. How shall I worship Siva The Absolute who is devoid of attachment and detachment who is of the form of ether, omniform, beyond illusion and all pervading? This Siva could then be said to be like space, or void yet beyond both.

2. Siva (The Absolute) is ever without white and other colors. This effect and cause are also The Supreme Siva. I am thus the pure Siva, Devoid of all doubt. Oh beloved friend, how shall I bow to The Self in myself? In that I do not exist in reality, I myself, am no Self yet there is awareness of Self as awareness in itself I am thus nothing at all but pure consciousness existing as awareness. But the evidence of my existence is not known until there is consciousness.

The objective Cosmos, is nothing at all yet when “I”, (as awareness) become aware of the consciousness There is then the Cosmos, existing in awareness.

Here it can be seen, that the Cosmos and Consciousness are non-different because all that is knowable as existing in Cosmos is known to exist only by The Consciousness. However, Pure Awareness exists in itself of itself. there is no object there, thus it is non-differentiated infinity. Time then and with it space, are transcended.

3. I am devoid of root and rootlessness and am ever manifest. I am devoid of smoke and smokelessness and am ever manifest. I am devoid of light and the absence of light and am ever manifest. I am the nectar of knowledge, homogenous existence like the sky. Because I exist, that which is knowable is known; the knowable being that which Consciousness is conscious of can only be known in the awareness . This is not to say that there is a knower who knows But that there is awareness that knows the consciousness as well as knowing the knower at the same time. The known being known only in the awareness, by Consciousness cannot otherwise be known or said to exist at all. The known therefore depends upon the fact that awareness is aware of that of which the mind is conscious.

Om Namah Shivay

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