Difference Between Valor and Ego

There can be valor even when you are simple and free from arrogance, but not cowardice. There is ego and misery in cowardice. When you are natural and free from arrogance, then there is only joy and valor.

Valor is merely a display or projection of one’s strength. Do you get what I’m saying? You may call it as sattvik ego, but you cannot call it as durahamkara (arrogance or ego that brings one’s downfall).

Ego is present in everyone. To exist means to have ego (here meaning as a layer of one’s existence or being). “I am” – this is ego.


The more the prana (life force energy) increases, the less negativity will be there. When there is no energy, that is when you feel more negative. And when you have high energy, negativity is nowhere; it is gone.


Q: How to leave the intellect and go back to innocence? By doing so, does it not become acting?

Guruji: When the intellect matures, you become innocent. Also even when emotions take over, then also you will move into innocence. Innocence is one aspect of your life and everybody has it. What comes in the way is the concepts in the intellect, such as judgements, or thinking that ‘I know it all’, or ‘I know it better’, etc. That is what blocks the intellect from maturing fully.

Meditation and pranayama help you to reverse the journey back from the intellect to your innocence. Also, when there are people who know much more than you and you feel, ‘Oh, I know very little’, then also innocence will simply come up in you. When you make an assessment about yourself that is wrong, then that may cause you to feel out of touch with your innocence.


Q: If we are being born again and again, when will this cycle of rebirth stop? How do we bring it to a stop?

Guruji: Through contentment. A deep sense of contentment and happiness within will stop the process of rebirth.


When there is fear, observe the sensations happening inside you. See what is happening when you are afraid. Do some Pranayama (breathing exercise). That will help.

Om Namah Shivay

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