Breaking Mind Traps

Mind traps are caused by our limiting beliefs and hold us firmly within our individual dramas. They are the result of our diminished self-perceptions and can affect nearly every aspect of our lives.

My longtime friend Jim’s parents were very disapproving and always treated him as if he were stupid. He frequently heard negative comments and criticisms and was never empowered to think on his own. Over time, he came to believe that this is how he really was. He didn’t bother studying in school because he was defeated by his beliefs before he even really tried.

Notice the cycle created by this kind of negative self-perception. Mind traps are self-feeding in this way. Because in his heart he did not believe he was capable of doing well, he did not even try. Because he did not try, he failed. Each time he failed an exam or received poor grades, he accumulated more ‘proof’ that seemed to speak to the truth of his limiting belief that he was incapable and unintelligent. He was locked in a self-perpetuating cycle.

These types of mind traps often prevent us from experiencing true achievement and are a major cause of the suffering in many of our lives.… Jim’s beliefs kept him from doing well in his life until he began to question them. Through being present in the moment with his limiting beliefs, Jim began to break the mind traps and began to see that he was much more capable than he had previously realised….

Try this: Pick a colour. What is important to learn from this exercise is that we most readily see what we are holding in our awareness, whether it is positive or negative.

Imagine you are driving down the road when somebody mentions that there are more red cars out today than normal. As you look around, you notice red cars everywhere. You may ask yourself, why are there so many red cars on the freeway today? The answer is that they were always there; you just didn’t pay attention to them. The only reason you are paying attention to them now is that they were brought into your awareness.

Now take a moment and walk around a bit. Think about the colour blue and then look around you. Notice how anything that is blue seems to stand out in contrast to everything else around it. Now pick a different colour. Notice that colour now jumps out at you.

Driving schools for police officers and bodyguards teach that when someone is skidding or is seconds away from a crash, they should look to where they want to go, not where they do not want to go. The fact is that person will more often than not steer themselves in the direction they are looking.

The negative and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves work in the same way: we tend to move towards situations that will support them. The power of keeping an open mind and a positive attitude cannot be denied. The greatest obstacle we have to changing negative beliefs is the fear that they might be proven to be true. Freedom comes from the recognition that these beliefs have no basis in the reality of the present moment.

Negative beliefs only create our worst fears. As we question our limiting beliefs and break out of our mind traps, we have the chance to see a wealth of new opportunities for enjoyment in our lives.

Let’s try the colour exercise again. This time, don’t think about blue. As you are walking and looking around, do not focus on anything blue. Come back when you are ready.

Notice how even though you did not want to see blue, it still jumped out at you in the same way it did when you wanted to see it in the previous exercise. This is an excellent example of how mind traps work. We tend to only see and move toward what we have in our minds, whether it is our worst nightmare or our grandest dream. The first step out of these mind traps is to adopt a ‘beginner’s mind’, which means we should question everything and see everything with new, unclouded eyes.… Once we begin to do this, a universe full of unique possibilities becomes more and more clear.

Om Namah Shivay

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