More Than Physical-2

Conversely, if the donor is spiritually more evolved, will the transplant work positively for the recipient? Yes. As in anything else, we must remember that the effect of an action depends on the motive with which it is done. So if the motive is concern for a fellow being, the growth of consciousness will be much more than if the person is doing it for other reasons — money, attachment for a blood relative, or to give his ego a boost by doing something that is considered noble.

What happens if the one who needs the transplant is highly evolved but the potential donor’s consciousness is way below par?  Such an evolved person (if he had the choice) might not opt for a transplant in the first place, for two reasons. One, he might not want to accept an organ from a person with a lower level of consciousness. Two, he would not want to cling to life. For him, if it’s God’s will that his journey should come to an end, he is ready.

I guess, such an evolved person might not even be willing to donate? 

He may not be as enthusiastic as an ordinary person for the same reason. So while it seems compassionate to donate, a more enlightened compassion may make the person less, rather than more, enthusiastic about donating or receiving an organ.

What should a potential recipient and the donor do to make the procedure successful?

Develop a positive and hopeful outlook and look upon the organ he is receiving from another person, who might be different from him in certain respects, as fundamentally the same because our divine essence is the same. If he is able to identify with the donor and meditate on this idea of oneness it might help his immune system react less violently to the ‘foreign’ organ. As for the donor, if he is able to purify his thoughts and meditate on the noble act as an instrument of divine will and think of the recipient with compassion, his consciousness could affect the consciousness of the recipient positively.

Would yoga and pranayama practices before surgery help?

It is important for both the donor and recipient to be in a healthy state, both physically and mentally. If there is time before the surgery, some health enhancement can be achieved through yogic practices of asanas and pranayamas. But these things often happen in a great hurry and do not allow that kind of preparation.

What would you advise recipients and donors?

The donor should purify his thoughts and feelings and rise to the highest level of consciousness so that he has the highest motive for what he is doing. The recipient should have a sense of gratitude and pray that what is being done for him through the donor is successful and be optimistic about the outcome. Once the transplant is successful, he should look upon it not merely as a prolongation of life, but as another opportunity to fulfil the purpose of life.

Om Namah Shivay

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