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In organ transplantation, besides tissue compatibility,  spiritual compatibility could also make a difference,

What are the medical and ethical aspects of organ donation and transplantation?

The main thing is that of the compatibility of  donor-receiver tissues because organs have specific  proteins and antigens that are different in different people. They evoke an immune response in the recipient which may reject the transplanted organ. More and more transplants are being done after the tissues are matched. After a certain period of immuno-suppression, the organ is  able to survive in the recipient.

As for ethics, if a person can do something to prolong the life of a fellow being it is an act of compassion and so is an ethically sound practice. Besides tissue compatibility, there is spiritual compatibility, too.

Spiritual evolution of an individual implies his rising to a higher level of consciousness — both mind and body are involved but it’s something modern medicine does not usually understand or accept. But, from a spiritual perspective, this is not difficult to comprehend because all parts of the being are manifestations of the Divine and they have consciousness. When an individual is evolving, all parts of his being are evolving and changing in consciousness. The reason why it appears to be confined to the mind is because organs like the heart, liver or kidney do not have a complex mechanism like the brain to manifest that consciousness. It means that when a person is evolving in consciousness, his cellular consciousness is also changing.

How crucial is spiritual compatibility to the recipient’s body accepting the transplanted organ? Ordinarily, it does not matter so much, since most of us are more or less at the same level of spiritual evolution. But if the donor happens to be at a much lower level of consciousness than the recipient, it can create problems because in that case the consciousness of the recipient can be ‘contaminated’ by a lower consciousness. There is a documented case of a heart recipient who would have nightmares. Later, it was found that the donor was a criminal who was executed for murder. It has also been found that in some cases, the recipient seemed to have acquired some of the habits, tastes and preferences of the donor. Clearly, consciousness affects all organs and in the case of organ transplant, it affects the recipient at the level of consciousness.

Om Namah Shivay

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  1. Alagappan
    Jun 30, 2016 @ 14:01:17

    Om Namah Shivay



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