Scream It Out

We live in a perplexing world, often glamorized and overrated as being ideal and happy. But reality is different. Teenagers do not know whom to turn to in difficult situations. They are conditioned to behave appropriately, not share ‘wrong’ issues, and adhere to stereotypes of behaving like a good son or daughter. Where do they express their bottled-up emotions? Does one gulp down tablets or quaff drinks to drown sorrows? Teens have to battle out many factors that increase their struggle to reconcile the two worlds:

l Coping with peer pressure
l Bullying by their seniors
l Academic pressure by teachers and parents and their great expectations
l Puberty, pimples and making Peace with their changing body
l Mental and emotional problems that they do not comprehend
l Hormonal changes
l Attraction of the opposite sex, boyfriend-girlfriend issues
l Rebellion

Without proper outlet, the high teenage energy remains in a state of flux and turns into negative emotions. Teens resort to gadgets and high-adrenaline games, which may allow them to vent, but also make them reclusive and closed. And the lack of playgrounds and free play adds to a dry, structured world. As these negative energies stay bottled up, the teen shows signs of aggression, reclusion and even depression.

Teenage years are difficult for parents as well. With the advent of technology and increase in exposure avenues, children tend to mature faster.

Parents have to keep up with this pace of growth and needs. And sometimes struggle juggling the roles of parent and friend. If they approach children as parents, they are often blocked out by teens who don’t understand their own selves. Approaching children as friends often finds them being taken for granted. They find it increasingly difficult to reach out and more often than not do not know what to say. Parents try their best but fail to find a common ground to communicate with their moody children — sometimes with fatal consequences.

The need of the hour is to understand the importance of channelising and directing energies of children towards more productive and positive influences. If not harnessed, these energies can lead to destructive and negative behaviour and habits. What they need is an outlet.

Do It Loudly

Whether it is pent-up feelings or excess energy, a great way to release heaviness, negativity and anger for teenagers is to ‘Scream it out’! Screaming has been known to have a cathartic effect. A loud, shrill, intense scream gives a sense of release and leaves one feeling at peace.

Teens open their mouths wide and pierce the air with the sound of screams. They forget troubles and focus energy into releasing long, loud screams. What’s more, there is music and play, movement and freedom, as teens move out of their stiff body conditioning and experience being a free spirit in its true sense. They scream in turns, in unison and sometimes in competition till the whole exercise becomes a celebration of freedom.

Whatever the case, it leaves each one with a feeling of exhilaration and lightness. Other benefits include:

l Peace and harmony of mind and body
l More harmony with each other
l Emotional and mental detox and entrance of fresh energies
l More concentration on academics and better all-round performance
l Care and nurturing towards oneself
l Relaxation and good health in general

Emptied, these teens make way for fresh energies to enter their system, and a lighter approach to everything, transforming them into happier citizens of tomorrow.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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