Struggling in Life?

Lord Krishna says, “Think of Me even as you struggle or battle in life”.

When you give your 100% in anything that you do, then that is a battle. A battle does not always imply killing someone. A battle means, wherever you put all your efforts and everything at stake. So if life appears to be a struggle, then put in your 100%. But Lord Krishna says, “Do so by keeping Me in your mind at all times as you struggle. Surrender both your mind and your intellect to Me when you do this”.It means to surrender totally – both by feeling and by understanding (logic).

Some people do not apply any understanding but are driven greatly by feelings only. Some people are able to understand and interpret things correctly but there are no feelings or emotions in them. That is why Lord Krishna has said many times in the Bhagavad Gita, “Be connected to Me both by your feelings and by your intellect”.

Krishna says, “Surrender unto Me and accept Me totally – both at the level of emotions and the intellect. By doing so you will surely attain Me and there is no doubt about this. You will attain that steadiness and equanimity; you will awaken into that true Self that is Me. I do not reside somewhere distant away from you. I reside within you”.


Whether in the form of parents, or as children, or as friends, the help you get from anywhere is coming from only one source, i.e., the divinity.


Q: What do I do that everyone likes me?

Guruji: Don’t try to make everyone like you. It is enough for that One to like you. How far will you go to make everyone happy? No. You make your own Self happy, satisfied. Make God happy. You just have to make that One happy.


Q: Even though everyone genetically different, I see your face in all. What do I do?

Guruji: It’s ok. If I come in you too then it will be great!


Running behind happiness makes you tired. When you run behind happiness you get tired, but when you repose in the self, when you rest, you get energy, and that brings you strength, joy and happiness.


Often we hear people complaining, “Oh, no one understands me”. I tell you, the real problem is that you have not learnt to express yourself properly. You have not been able to make others understand. This is the essence.

Om Namah Shivay

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