Karma is Not Forever

Every karma has a time period and its result is only up to that time period, whether good to bad.

Good karma will affect you only for a certain period of time, and bad karma also can affect you only for a certain period of time; not forever. So even the worst sinner, the moment he sits and his heart blossoms, and he comes into devotion and acknowledges the Divinity, he is already getting free from all the bad karma.

That is why Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, that even if someone is wicked, when he turns to me with an unwavering mind, he should be considered as a good person, as a wise man; a saint.

Like how you treat a saint, that is how you should treat my devotee. Even if he might have done all rubbish in the past, it doesn’t matter, because in the present, he is free.


Whenever we feel that we have been blessed with far more than what we deserve, then gratitude wells up in us.


Q: What is the role of Yantras (sacred or mystical diagrams) in Astrology?

Guruji: Yantras are like diagrams. If you open a transistor or a chip, you will see a circuit diagram on the chip. Yantras are circuit diagrams for cosmic energy, they are used for storing cosmic energy. It takes a long time to study these in depth. Today you will find many people who make false claims and advertisements saying “I make so-and-so kind of Yantras” and they charge huge amounts of money like 5 to 10 lakh rupees. I tell you, do not go for all these kind of things. Do not get caught up in such kind of fraud. There is nothing in that.

On TV today you will see all sorts of advertisements for these, such as one claiming to have a Goddess Lakshmi Yantra and it asks you to pay Rs. 5 Lakh for it. The people who make these advertisements themselves do not even know the science and the way to use these Yantras.

There are very few qualified pundits or spiritual people who are really qualified and have the correct knowledge of using the Yantras. You can of course purchase a Sri Yantra and install it at your home. There is no problem in that.

Om Namah Shivay

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