Are you Hurting Life?-2

You protect what you love, you naturally try to save what you love. If you hurt life, it stops belonging to you, it ceases to be your life. If given the choice, who do you think the swan would like to be with — Devadutta or Siddhartha? The bird would always be happier with Siddhartha, it would want to live with him because the prince tried to protect him.

Similarly, your life has a life of its own. If you love it, value it, protect it, it would want to be with you. It will becomes yours. But, if you are going to hurt it, it will fly away from you, far, far away. Be kind, be gentle like the prince in our story and the swan of life will come alive in your hands.

As you are hurt when the other person doesn’t appreciate your efforts, life is hurt too when you keep on resisting rather than appreciating what it’s doing for you.

Life is frightened and hurt, when you shoot arrows of jealousy, complaints and selfishness. Every time that happens, it distances itself from you. And, when your own life moves away from you, no one or nothing in the world can make you happy then. Not for long anyway. By life, I’m not talking about the physical breath, but the essence of life that is, a sense of peace and bliss. No point in mistreating or neglecting your life, because nothing hurts like neglect.

An overseas visitor met with a Zen monk who offered him tea. The handle of the tiny cup, paper thin, broke as soon as the visitor grabbed it.

“Why do you make your cups so delicate?” he asked the monk a little frustrated and embarrassed.

“It’s not that the cups are delicate,” the monk replied while sipping his tea. “You don’t know how to handle it.”

It’s all about how you handle life as opposed to how your life ought to be. Life is what it is. If you deal with it compassionately, gratefully, delicately, you will discover that it’s every bit beautiful, that it belongs to you wholeheartedly.

Learn to love life for what it is, for every bird sings a different song. Learn to listen to it and appreciate it. It’s funny but true that when you start adjusting around what life has planned for you, life starts to move according to you. If you keep hurting it and battling with it, life will ignore you completely and start to distance itself from you. As I said earlier, you feed life, love it, protect it and it’ll belong to you. It will move at your command then.

The answer to the question, “Why are you hurting me, Life?” begins with the question, “Why are you hurting life?”.

Don’t hurt what you want to keep. If you want to keep, that is.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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