Are you Hurting Life?-1

Let me begin from the beginning, with a story from the life of Buddha, the Buddha, who was once known as prince Siddhartha before he renounced the material world.

Siddhartha and his cousin Devadutta planned to spend a day in the woods, resting under shady trees, playing in the pond and getting pampered by attendants and maids. A royal entourage was arranged for their comfort and safety. Devadutta also carried his bow and arrow even though they had agreed to not hunt.

While they lay near a natural pool, a swan landed nearby. Seeing golden opportunity, Devadutta immediately strung his bow and aimed at the bird. Siddhartha tried to stop him but he was adamant. A few moments passed and upon hearing the commotion the swan took flight. Devadutta was a good archer (unfortunately) and he let loose his arrow that found its target. Seeing the bird fall, Siddhartha leapt to it in quick strides.

Miraculously, the swan was still alive. But, it was going limp as life was fleeing out of the poor bird. Its eyes were closing, its wound was bloody. Gently, the prince pulled out the arrow and squeezed cool juice of some leaves on the wound to stop it from bleeding. He called one of the physicians in the entourage and applied medicinal herbs on the swan with his tender hands.

The frightened bird began to feel at ease as it slightly fluttered its wings. It was in much pain to fly away though. It lay there resting in Siddhartha’s delicate hands. Devadutta didn’t take it too kindly and felt robbed of his game.

“Give it to me!” he said to Siddhartha. “I shot it.”

“No way, Devadutta,” the prince replied. “I saved it.”

“That’s ridiculous,” he yelled. “It’s my bird, I brought it down with my arrows.”

“Had you killed it, it would have been yours,” Siddhartha said snuggling the swan, “But, since it’s alive, it belongs to me.”

When the argument couldn’t be settled, they consulted one of the king’s ministers who was a member of the royal escort and accompanied them presently. He suggested that a hermit lived in the woods nearby who was in a better position to give a verdict on the current matter. As was the custom, they took offerings of fruits and flowers, bowed before the sage and presented their case.

“There is no confusion,” the sage concluded. “A life belongs to the one who tries to save it. It cannot belong to the one who hurts it.”

“Therefore,” he added, “the swan belongs to Siddhartha.”

It’s a simple story, but then again wisdom lives in simplicity. In fact, it only lives in simplicity. Wise people are simple people. Personally, I find that the ultimate wisdom required to lead a beautiful life, a fulfilling and meaningful life is shining majestically like a crowned jewel in our story. Here, in one sentence:

Life belongs to those who love it.

Om Namah Shivay

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Jun 24, 2016 @ 22:45:03

    Beautiful story! If only “harming” and “saving” were so clear cut, though, in our daily dilemmas.



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