The Avadhoota Gita-12

26. It has been said that the destiny of those devoted to action is the same as their thought at the end, but it has not been said that the destiny of those established in yoga is the same as their thought at the end. End-the dying moment. The belief in India, clearly expressed in the Bagavad Gita, is that the last thought in the mind of the dying person indicates the nature of his future existence. This is not true, however, of one who has attained to the knowledge of the Self.

27. One may express the destiny of those devoted to action with the organ of speech, but the destiny of the yogis can never be expressed, because it is transcendental

28. Knowing this, one never says that the yogis have any particular path. For them it is the giving up of all duality, The supreme attainment comes of itself. Particular, etc.-Departing souls reach their destined worlds following either pitr-yana, the path of the fathers or deva-yana, the path of the gods. The yogi, after death, does not travel along any path having already attained the Highest, which has nothing to do with any particular place or time, he has no world to reach. Supreme, etc.-The supreme Truth which the yogi attains after transcending all duality is ever present, eternal, and absolute, so cannot be spoken of
in terms of relative existence or relative truth. When the sense of duality is destroyed, this Truth at once reveals itself, even as the sun is seen shining when clouds disperse.

29. The yogi, having died anywhere, in a holy place or in the house of an untouchable, does not see the mother’s womb again-he is dissolved in the supreme Brahman. Untouchable-In India because of the caste system, there is a class of people called untouchable because they are considered impure. Does not, etc.-is not reborn.

Om Namah Shivay

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