The Avadhoota Gita-11

19. The external existence is the universe, the inner existence is called prakrti. One should try to know That which is more interior than the inner existence, That which is like water within the kernel of the coconut. Prakrti-in its subtle aspects: cosmic intelligence, cosmic mind, etc.

20. Illusory knowledge relates to what is outside, correct knowledge to what is inside. Try to know That which is more interior than the inside, That which is like water within the kernel of the coconut.

21. There is only one very clear moon on the full moon night. One should perceive That (the Self) like the moon seeing duality is perversion.

22. It is indeed in this way that intelligence becomes divided and ceases to be all-comprehending. A giver attains to wisdom and is sung with millions of names. This, etc.-by seeing duality (also, of course, plurality). Divided-perceiving many objects separated from one another, as in ordinary experience. Intelligence should, if it is not clouded with ignorance, perceive only unity-the whole of Reality-at once. Such perception, according to Vedanta, is the only true perception of Reality. Giver-maker of charity. The second part of this verse, and, as a matter of fact, the whole verse, is a little obscure. Our translation of the second part is literal. The probable meaning is: When a person gives away all attachment thereby attaining perfect renunciation, being free of all grasping he attains the knowledge of the Self. The Sanskrit data for the word “giver” also means teacher.

23. Whoever, whether he be ignorant or learned, attains to the full awareness of Truth through the grace of a teacher’s wisdom, becomes detached from the ocean of worldliness.
Ignorant-devoid of scholarship. (learned in the scriptures)

24. He who is free from attachment and hatred, devoted to the good of all beings, fixed in knowledge and steady shall attain to the supreme state.

25. As the space within a pot dissolves in the universal space when the pot is broken, so a yogi, in the absence of the body, dissolves into the supreme Self, which is his true being.

Om Namah Shivay

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