Moving Towards Spirituality from Religion

Religion has a role to play. Everyone is born into a religion. All the rituals in your life go through that religion. It has a limited role to play. Religion is not everything. You should be more spiritual.

When your movement is from religion into spirituality, that is more important. People who move from religion to spirituality, they bring dignity to their religion. When people move from religion to criminality, they bring disgrace to their religion. Today, this is what is happening around the world.

Today, people are not moving towards spirituality from religion, they are moving towards criminality. They use religion as an excuse to further their own agenda, and that has cost humanity a great deal.

When you move from religion to spirituality, you will find that everyone is yours. Otherwise religion divides people. In fact, within religions also, there are divisions. When you move to spirituality, not only do you unite within the religion, but also across religions.


Q: All the pain and suffering that we experience goes to the big mind. How does it deal with so many deaths and accidents?

Guruji: Suffering is like a knot. What happens when you remove the knot? Does it go somewhere? It is like a shadow. Does shadow go somewhere when there is light? No. Did you get it? Just think about it.


Yoga brings out this skilfulness in you. It makes you so skilful in communication.


Q: When I travel from the Ashram to the City, I see a lot of cows eating from garbage bins. What can we do about this? I think this problem is seen all over the country.

Guruji: Yes, you are right. This problem is present all over the country. We have been actively working to educate the people all around us, not to throw plastic and reduce the use of plastic. We have installed a machine here that converts plastic into diesel. Our volunteers now collect plastic thrown away in the nearby areas and feed it into this machine.

In the same way, all the waste material that comes from the kitchen is used for conversion into bio-gas. Every day there is around 400-500 kilos of waste generated in the Ashram kitchen, such as the vegetable peels, etc. By converting it all into bio-gas, we are able to refill all the gas cylinders in the kitchens very easily. So in this way, we can all adopt such little and simple techniques in villages to manage and convert waste materials, and save the environment. This will make every village self-sufficient. This is very important.

It is not good to leave the cows loose in the open to graze where they wander. It is also not good to dump plastics and waste materials in the environment. We have to create a lot of awareness in the people. This in itself is a good seva. So you should channel the strength you gain from your sadhana towards such good causes in the greater interest of the society. Go from door to door and educate the people to not litter everywhere and keep their surroundings clean.

Om Namah Shivay

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