The Avadhoota Gita-9

Chapter 2
1. Of the teacher-even if he be young illiterate, or addicted to the enjoyment of sense objects, even if he be a servant or a householder -none of these should be considered. Does anyone shun a gem that has fallen in an impure place? Illiterate here refers to one who is not versed in the scriptures. Addicted (apparently so.)

2. In such a case one should not consider even the quality of scholarship. A worldly person should recognize only the essence. Does not a boat. though devoid of beauty and vermilion paint nevertheless ferry passengers? Essence,etc.- The essential qualification of the teacher is not intellectual immanence, but capacity to impart spiritual illumination.

3. The unmoving One, who without effort possesses all that is movable and immovable, is consciousness, naturally calm, like the sky.

4. How can He, the One and All-pervading, who moves effortlessly all that is movable and immovable, be differentiated! To me He is nondual.

5. I am verily supreme since I am the Absolute, more essential than all essences, since I am free from birth and death, calm and undifferentiated.

6. Thus I, free from all components, am worshipped by the gods, but being full and perfect, I do not recognize any distinctions such as gods and the like. Free, etc.-not made up of parts; indivisible. Worshipped, etc.-because the true Self is the highest Divinity. Recognize, etc.-In the highest spiritual realization no distinctions and differences are perceived.

7. Ignorance does not create any doubt. What shall I do, being endowed with modifications of the mind? They arise and dissolve like bubbles in water. Ignorance, etc.-The man of the highest spiritual perception, after realizing his Divine identity, may live on the relative plane and thus appear enveloped by ignorance, but even then he is never unaware of his Divinity. What, etc.-Thought the man of highest spiritual perception appears to think, will, etc., yet, as the pure witness, he remains completely separate from mental activities.

8. Thus am I ever pervading all existence beginning with cosmic intelligence-pervading soft, hard, sweet, and pungent substances.

9. As pungency, coldness, or softness is non-different from water, so prakrti is non-different from purusa-thus it appears to me. Prakrti-nature; relative existence. Purusa-spirit, the Absolute.

10. The Lord of the universe is devoid of all names. He is subtler than the subtlest, supreme, He is spotless, beyond the senses, mind, and intellect. Lord, etc.-the Self.

Om Namah Shivay

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