Holika Devi

Holika in Shaktism and in Mother Goddess worshipping cults is regarded as a Goddess rather than a Demoness . Holika Devi was a form of Shakti , the hindu Goddess as being worshipped by Hiranyakashyap and his family who were demons . Mother Shakti is the Mother of all whether it could be Devataas or asurs or Humans , her love is never partial . so Holika was the Goddess born from the Fire Sacrifice and was Hiranyakashyap’s sister . This is the reason in Kali Saheshraram ( the 1001 names of Goddess Kali ) there is a name Rakshasi is given which actually means the Devi who was born in the Asur Kula as being worshipped by the Demon Worshippers . so it shows how kind is Mother’s love . Mother Shakti is regarded as the slayer of evil and have killed many demons but as well as she have given boon to many of them who were her worshippers . so this is the reason Holika is a Goddess .

Holika is also known as Swaha Devi and this is the reason she is worshipped in the form of fire and flames on the day of Holi , where a huge fire is lit up and offerings are made to the Goddess . Many Patriarchial sects of Hinduism teaches that Holika was born in a asur kula so she is a demoness and this the reason they call the worship of Holika Devi as “ Holika Dahan “ or to burn Holika .

In another legend we see that Holika tried to burn her brother’s son who was a devotee of Vishnu and so these patriarchal sects have preached that she is a demoness so needs to be burned , but Devi Worshippers says that Holika was a Goddess and so she would never do anything which was “ Adharma “ . This is the reason when Prahalada sat on her lap , she did not burned him but herself got converted into the flames of fire and protected him . this is the reason Holika is worshipped in the form of Agni or fire .

Holika Devi has her temples in Varanasi and Bellary of India where it is said that she grants her worshippers the boon of fearlessness and prosperity . May Holika Devi bless us all .

Q: I work in a hospital where people are dying and I am hoping to bring this yoga there. I am facing a little difficulty in understanding what is the difference between the yoga of living and the yoga of dying?

Guruji: You must have heard by now yoga has eight limbs. I don’t know how much of pranayama and asanas (postures) you can make someone do when they are sick and dying. It may not be possible at all. Some good bhajans (uplifting music), soft and instrumental music will also help. This is called laya yoga. Some words of wisdom will help. This is gyan yoga. Your mere presence there will help. Your being there without any effort will help. When we are in the ‘doing’ consciousness, thinking what to do, we reduce our energy. When we are in the ‘being’ consciousness, suddenly the light, air and energy come in you. You can make them feel better with that presence and energy of yours.

Om Namah Shivay

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