Stay Sharp With Meditation

You can protect yourself from dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s with daily practice of meditation

Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are diseases of the brain (DOB). They basically degenerate the nerves, attack the central nervous system, make people forgetful and ultimately make them lose their memory completely so that they cannot recognise even their near and dear ones. DOB are generally old age diseases which mostly happen after the age of 60-65 though in some cases, they can start as early as 40-45. Thus the old derogatory Hindi saying sathiya gaya hai, meaning after 60 years he has become senile, is normally used when calling somebody a dimwit! As we age, the chances of getting DOB increases.

According to estimates, there are 50 million people worldwide and nearly six million in India above 65 years suffering from these debilitating diseases. With stress, the onset of DOB comes at an even younger age and hence the number of people suffering from these diseases may even be higher in future. 

Mental Meditation

Many studies done by scientists have shown that mentally active adults suffer less from these diseases as they age. And one of the better ways to increase mental faculties is by meditation. It allows us to focus on a single subject for a long time and increases the concentration and hence mental sharpness.   

Various theories of why DOB take place have been proposed. One theory states that formation of plaques in the brain damages the neurons and ultimately destroys the brain. According to this theory, clumps of mis-folded protein fragments called amyloid-beta form plaques around synapses — the connecting points between neurons. This stops the communication between them and hence the loss of memory. Why this good brain protein, mis-folds and forms plaques has still remained a mystery.

Another theory states that plaque formation in the brain takes place because of reduced number of cerebral capillaries. These brain capillaries, which are very large in numbers, supply important nutrients, oxygen and hence energy to different parts of the brain for its proper functioning. With age and less usage, the capillaries become hardened, less pliable and hence less amount of nutrients flow through them. Thus their effective numbers decrease. Nevertheless, the research does not show how reduced number of capillaries can increase plaque formation.

A possible answer to both the riddles of why plaques form from mis-folding proteins and reduction in number of capillaries could come from electro-chemistry. It is well-known that when a fluid flows in very small capillaries (brain capillaries are approximately 3 X 10-6 m (3 µm) in diameter), a small voltage is created across it. This is the streaming potential. This small voltage also produces a micro current and it is possible that this micro current creates disturbances so that seeding and accumulation of proteins does not take place. The use of micro current for stopping rust in pipes and other materials is well known. It is possible that a similar process may take place in the brain.

Incidentally the nutrients flowing in the brain capillaries together with electrical discharges at synapse junctions between communicating neurons, produce the characteristic electromagnetic (EM) signature of the brain. This EM signature is measured by hundreds of electrodes attached to the scalp and produces the EEG (Electroencephalography) of the brain. As we use our brain, it needs energy to function and that is provided by the flow of nutrients and oxygen in the cerebral capillaries. A larger number of capillaries means increased nutrient flow to neurons helping them to communicate efficiently.

The more deeply we think and use our brain, the more flow of nutrients takes place and this helps in increasing the effective number of capillaries and keeping them functional and in nimble shape. At the same time, the micro current production in them keeps the plaque formation at bay.

Deep thinking is facilitated by cultivating the art of meditation. Meditation helps in increasing concentration and calming the nerves. Besides it allows the brain to function properly and helps in reducing plaque. Meditation can be done at any age, but starting early means the brain becomes nimble and capillaries become active earlier.

Om Namah Shivay

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