The Avadhoota Gita-6

Free, etc. – one who has transcended the sense of distinction between forms (“pervaded”) and the Divine Substance (“pervader”). Such a one, therefore, has constant, unobstructed consciousness of Divinity. Such a one has the dual realization of form and formless. Directly – that is to say, in the manner in which the unenlightened perceives by the sense. In the highest state of realization, sense perception is no longer distinguishable from spiritual intuition.

36. Some seek nonduality, others duality. They do not know the Truth, which is the same at all times and everywhere, which is devoid of both duality and nonduality.

37. How can they describe the Truth, which is beyond mind and words, which is devoid of white and other colours, of sound and other qualities?

38. When all these appear to you as false, when the body and so on appear to you like space, then you know Brahman truly, then for you there is no dual series. Dual series – such as “I and Thou” (self and God), “I and it” (self and the world), and so on. Also it means “Self and not-Self” and the series of their evolutes.

39. Even my natural self appears to me as non-distinct from the supreme Self; it appears to be one and like space. How can there be meditator and meditation?

40. What I do, what I eat, what I sacrifice, what I give – all this is not mine in the least. I am pure, unborn, undecaying.

41. Know all this universe to be formless. Know all this universe to be without change. Know all this universe to be of purified body. Know all this universe to be of the nature of the Absolute. Of purified body – That is to say, the material substance of which the universe appears to be constituted is really nothing but pure Spirit/Consciousness.

42. You are verily the Truth. There is no doubt about it – otherwise, what do I know? Why do you consider the Self, which is perceptible to Itself, as imperceptible? Otherwise – If one does not perceive every being as The Self, one is still ignorant.

43. My child, how can there be illusion and non illusion, shadow and lack of shadow? All this is one Truth, all this is of the nature of space and without taint.

44. I am free in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. I am never bound. This is my sure knowledge – that I am naturally spotless and pure.

45. The whole universe, beginning with the principle of cosmic intelligence, is not in the least manifest to me. All is indeed Brahman alone. How can there be any existence in cast or stage of life for me?

46. I know that all, in every way, is the one indivisible “I” which is self-sustained and full, while the five elements, beginning with ether, are empty.

47. The Self is neither eunuch, man, nor woman: it is neither idea nor imagination. How can you think the Self to be full of joy or joyless? Full of joy – Here “joy” is used in the sense of relative joy as perceived by the senses and the mind. Joyless – Here the reference is to transcendental Joy.

48. The Self certainly does not become pure through the practice of six-limbed yoga. It certainly is not purified by the destruction of the mind. It certainly is not made pure by the instructions of the teacher. It is Itself the Truth. It is Itself the illumined One. Six-limbed – consisting of six parts or steps, namely, posture, control of the vital force, self- withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and Samahdi.

Om Namah Shivay

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