The Avadhoota Gita-5

26. As the self is filled by the Self, so is all filled continuously by you. There is no meditator or meditation. Why does your mind meditate shamelessly? Shamelessly – One should be ashamed to meditate, because meditation pre-supposes a shameful forgetfulness of one’s true nature. If one does not know The Self meditation is the way to realization. After realization one will cease to meditate.

27. I do not know the Supreme; how shall I speak of Him? I do not know the Supreme how shall I worship Him? If I am the supreme One, who is the highest Truth, who is homogeneous Being and like unto space, how then shall I speak of Him and worship Him?
Know, etc. – Empirical knowledge belongs to a lower state in which the Supreme cannot be perceived; therefore one cannot speak of “knowing” the Supreme.

If I am the supreme, how can I see myself? Can the eye see the eye?

28. The principle of ego is not the Truth, which is homogeneous, which is free from the cause of superimposition and distinctions of perceived and perceiver. How can the ego be That which is aware of Itself?

29. There is no substance whatever which is by nature unlimited. There is no substance whatever which is of the nature of Reality. The very Self is the supreme Truth. There is neither injury nor non injury in It. Substance – relative reality.

30. You are the homogeneous Reality; you are pure, bodiless, birthless, and imperishable. Why then do you have any delusion about the Self? Again, why am I myself deluded?

31. When the pot is broken, the space within it is absorbed in the infinite space and becomes undifferentiated. When the mind becomes pure, I do not perceive any difference between the mind and the supreme Being.

32. There is no pot; there is no pot’s interior space. Neither is there an individual soul nor the form of an individual soul. Know the absolute Brahman, devoid of knowable and knower.

33. Know me to be that Self who is everything and everywhere at all times, the one who is eternal, steady, the All, the nonexistent, and the Existent. Have no doubt. Nonexistent – the phenomenal aspect of being, which has now disappeared.

34. There are no Vedas, no worlds, no gods, no sacrifices. There is certainly no caste, no stage in life, no family, no birth. There is neither the path of smoke nor the path of light. There is only the highest Truth, the homogeneous Brahman. Stage in life – any of the four stages into which life is divided by the Hindus, namely, those of the student, the householder, the contemplative, and the mendicant. The path of smoke, etc. – the two paths along which – according to Hinduism, souls travel to the invisible worlds after death.

35. If you are free of the pervaded and pervader, if you are one and fulfilled, how can you think of yourself as directly perceptible by the senses or beyond the range of the senses?

Om Namah Shivay

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