Six Signs of a Seeker

Acknowledging that one knows very little.Many people think they know, without knowing or they get stuck in their limited knowledge. So they never learn. So the first thing is to acknowledge that one knows very little.

Willingness to know.Many people acknowledge that they do not know, but they are not ready to learn.

Being non-judgemental and open-minded.Some people would like to learn but their judgemental attitude and close-mindedness does not allow them to learn.

Total commitment and one-pointedness to the path one has chosen.Some people are open-minded but lack commitment and one-pointedness. They keep shopping here and there and never progress.

Always putting truth and service before pleasure. Sometimes even committed and one-pointed people stay away from the path in pursuit of momentary pleasures.

Patience and perseverance.
Some people are not swayed by pleasures and are committed and one-pointed, but if they lack patience and perseverance, they become restless and dejected.


Open your ears wide and listen. You are a devotee and a true devotee. Don’t ever raise a doubt on this. The badness is imposed from outside. Inside you are one with the Truth. Your devotion is also true devotion. This is the way to think.


With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.


Courage is grace under pressure.


Q: You say that youth should be in politics, but most of the youth don’t have the funds to participate in elections.

Guruji : I will appeal to the Prime Minister that something should be done so that poor people can participate in politics without having to spend so much money. In fact, there are already laws that prevent use of money in elections. But it is not just the rules and regulations, it is the awareness that we need to create among the people. We have to go door to door to tell people, do not take money when you are being asked to vote for someone.

There is competition, if one gives a Rs.1000 then the other party will also give Rs.1500. Those who go the other way say, “I don’t want to go and vote”. That’s a really pathetic state. On one side law, on another side, mass awareness needs to be created. We need to create mass awareness in villages, and awaken people in every village not to take money and sell your vote.


Q: What would be your best memory of happiness?

Guruji : Happiness is when you want nothing, and you want to give. Where the wanting and desires end, and the sharing begin, happiness is exactly there.

Om Namah Shivay

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