Astrology and the Universe

Astrology is the study of connection between macrocosm and the microcosm. Everything in this universe is connected. But astrology is not fatalistic. It is about probabilities. It just gives you a road map. It gives you an idea or an overview of how things are.

But there are many free choices of yours, like there are many exits on the highway. If you take a picture from the sky, you can see the entire highway, but there are many exits and the car can take any exit. That choice is there.

So life is a combination of freewill and destiny. It is not only freewill or only destiny and astrology is a way to know about it. But the more important thing is the impact of your practices. Your meditation, compassion, work and attitude can change things.


We have not given spiritual education to our children. We have not made them realize that the whole world is one family. We have not given them the vision or a mission in their life that unites people. So they take up missions and visions which divide, or which they perceive as God’s wish, that is sheer nonsense!


Q: As per what we have heard about the many saints of India, it appears that as they progress on the spiritual path, their formal education gets left behind. But you have grown up in a very different environment. How did you balance the two?

Guruji: Yes, for me both spirituality and my education always went hand in hand. I would say it has been my good fortune indeed. Even as I continued to go deeper in Spirituality, my education also continued. I always had a strong interest in Science. And I never thought that Indian Spirituality is separate, or far away from Science. I never saw any contradiction or conflict between the two.

A person should attend to both spiritual knowledge and science, and should have a scientific view or approach to everything. One should not blindly accept anything without asking questions about it. That is a sign of having a scientific perspective. For progressing in spirituality all you need is unshakable faith. Life should be a beautiful combination of the two.

Om Namah Shivay

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