Sadashiv is the witness, well-wisher and nourisher of all beings

Sadasiva::At the end of Pralaya, the Supreme Lord thinks of re-creation of the world. He is then known by the name Sadasiva. He is the root-cause of creation. From Sadasiva creation begins. In Manusmriti He is called Svayambhu. Sadasiva is unmanifested, He destroys the Tamas caused by Pralaya and shines as the self-resplendent light bringing forth the five great elements, etc., into being.The Siva Purana says that Siva is beyond both Prakriti and Purusha. Siva is Mahesvara.

He is the witness, well-wisher and nourisher of all beings. The Gita says: ‘Upadrashtanumanta cha bharta bhokta mahesvarah’. Mahesvara conducts the work of creation according to His will and pleasure. The Sruti says, ‘Mayam tu prakritim viddhi mayinam tu mahesvaram’. Know Prakriti to be Maya and Mahesvara to be the wielder of Maya or Prakriti. The Shakti of Siva works in two different ways. Mula Prakriti and Daivi Prakriti.

Mula Prakriti is Apara Prakriti from which the five elements and other visible objects and the Antahkarana are evolved. Para Prakriti is Chaitanya Sakti which converts the Apara Prakriti and gives name and form to it. Apara Prakriti is Avidya and Para Prakriti is Vidya. The controller and dispenser of these two Prakritis is Lord Siva.


Siraad shuddha ganga, Shhivaa Vama bhagam,
Viyad deerga kesam sadaa maam trinethram,
Phanee naga karnaam sada bala chandram,                                                                                        

Bhaje parvathi vallabham neelakandam.

Meaning:-He has pure Ganga on his head and Parvathi on his left side,He always has long uncut hair on his head and he has three eyes,He wears hooded snake on his ears and always keeps the young moon,Salutations to the consort of Parvathi who has a blue neck.


Learn to make people your own.They already belong to you; they come from the same soil & breathe the same air. We’re all connected so deeply.


Q: During meditation, an energy shock happens. And during this time where does the consciousness go?

Guruji : Isn’t it amazing? The vibrations are so beautiful, isn’t it? Just relax. Sometimes all these different energies rise, and changes do happen.

Om Namah Shivay

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