“Happiness keeps you sweet, sorrows keep you human, Life keeps you humble, Success keeps you glowing but only God keeps you going.”


“I love the kind of hugs where you can physically feel the sadness leaving your body.”.


Q: Guruji, I have heard a little about reflections. How many reflections do we have, and what does that mean?

Guruji : When you have said a word, you have also attached a meaning to it.

Reflection is simply reflection. Whatever you see on the outside. Action is a reflection of what you are. Your thoughts, your mind, your emotions are a reflection of what you are. In some sense even your body is a reflection of what you are. When you reflect on this truth, it becomes very clear.

We say, ‘Asangoham asangoham punah punaha’ (Unattached, unattached, am I again and again).

It means, ‘I am not this. I am not this. I am untouched and separate from all this. I am not my body, my thoughts, my emotions, and all the actions that I have done’.


Sitting and crying being emotional is not going to help. Wake up and see this is the world and the world has its own metrics. See how you can move forward.


Love is sharing. love is expansion. You cant but love because you want to expand. And nature of life is to expand. But we have learned and cultured all our habits to restrain ourselves and that is why the Divine Love is not manifesting in our life fully.

My advice to men is to treat women at par. Gone are those days when women were subservient to men.


Stay small and sweet and you will truly become big. And if you think you are very big and important in any field or aspect, the downfall will begin.

Om Namah Shivay

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