Fulfil Your Natural Needs

Once you address your needs, they will stop distracting you from your meditation.

I have too much sexual energy burning within my body…I can’t channel the energy into meditation techniques, and it drives me crazy….

The problem is created by the mind, not by the energy. Listen to the energy. It is showing you the right direction. It is not sexual energy which is creating the problem; it has never created any problems in animals, in trees, in birds. It creates problems because your mind has a wrong attitude about it.

This question is from an Indian lady. In India, the whole upbringing is against sex. Then you create the problem. And then, whenever there is energy, you will feel sexual because something is incomplete within you. Something unfulfilled will always wait, and it will assert energy, exploit energy.

In the dynamic methods of meditation much energy is created. Many hidden sources are tapped, and new sources become available. If sex remains an unfulfilled desire, then this energy will start moving towards sex. You will become more and more sexual if you meditate….

I am not anti-sexual because I am not anti-life. So, the problem is not where you think it is; the problem is in your head, not in your sexual glands. You will have to change your attitude, otherwise whatsoever you do will be coloured by your sexuality. You meditate, and it will become sexual; you look at somebody, and your eyes will become sexual; you touch somebody and your hand will become sexual; you eat something and eating can become sexual. There is a hierarchy of needs. A person who has been denying sex will have a hierarchy; sex will become first on the list. And whenever any energy is available, it will start moving to the most unfulfilled desire….

Meditation can be the first in the hierarchy only if you have not been denying yourself that which is natural.

A person who has been fasting cannot meditate because whenever he meditates, he thinks of food; whenever he closes his eyes, he visualises food. A man who is denying love cannot meditate; whenever he meditates, immediately sexuality surrounds him.

Fulfil all natural needs, nothing is wrong in them. What is wrong in food, in sex? Fulfil them. Be so natural that when you meditate, there is no other thing waiting for your attention.… Because when lower needs are fulfilled, higher needs arise; when higher needs are fulfilled, ultimate needs arise. This is the natural economy of life….

Your mind has been conditioned for centuries by people who have not understood your real needs. They have not bothered at all. They were looking for something else, and they have managed that very well, they were looking for the way to dominate people and the easiest way is to create a guilty conscience. Then it is very easy to dominate people…

Be Body-wise

And your body is giving you the right indication; the body is very wise. The mind is a very late arrival. When I say, listen to the body, I don’t mean to remain confined to the body. If you listen to the body, the body will not have anything to say to you; things will be settled. And when the body is at ease, relaxed, and there is no tension, and the body is not fighting for something, is not trying to attract your attention because you are not fulfilling any need, when the body is calm and quiet, you can float high, you can fly high, you can become a white cloud, but that happens only when the body’s needs are really, truly looked after.

The body is not your enemy, it is your friend. The body is your earth; the body has all your roots. You have to find a bridge between you and your body. If you don’t find that bridge, you will be constantly in conflict with your body, and a person who is fighting with himself is always miserable.

The first thing is to come to a peace pact with your body and never break it. Once you have come to a peace pact with your body, the body will become very, very friendly. You look after the body, the body will look after you; it becomes a vehicle of tremendous value, it becomes the very temple. One day your body itself is revealed to you as the very shrine of godliness. 

Om Namah Shivay

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  1. Lisa
    May 14, 2016 @ 16:28:29

    this is excellent – thank you!



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